When it is a condition of bulging disc in C4-C5, C5-C6 of the cervical spine. This condition gives you number of symptoms. This might be as simple as headache and complicated like a heart attack too. Because the supply from these segments of the neck- radiates pain from chest to upper arm. In many cases this condition remains undiagnosed for years. When it comes to the thought like cervical c4-c5, c5-c6 slip disc cure without surgery- it is already late in many cases. Same was with Victoria Bird. When she came to know about her bulging disc in C4-C5, C5-C6, before that she was regularly taking this or that medicine for headache alone. But moment it was diagnosed with bulging disc in c4-c5, c5-c6 she was recommended for surgery.

She was a bit aware where cervical surgery can lead to her. She asked the physicians back in United Kingdom for alternative treatments. But they had nothing to offer. She started her search for this or that alternative treatment for her c4-c5, c5-c6 bulging disc. Because she was sure that Cervical C4-C5, C5-C6 Slip disc Cure without Surgery is possible somewhere in the world. She found about Sukhayu. She shared her MRI. We studied and we were sure that we can give her Cervical C4-C5, C5-C6 Slip disc Cure without Surgery.

Bulging Disc in C4-C5, C5-C6

Her CT scan findings were horrible. In this image below, you can see that the space between C5-C6 is minimised. The disc was compressed badly in C5-C6. This condition was causing almost all the signs and symptoms of cervical spine problem. Also check the straightening of the cervical spine. Cervical C4-C5, C5-C6 Slip disc Cure without Surgery

bulging disc in C4-C5, C5-C6

We were sure that our approach will work well with the treatment.  Because we have already handled such cases of straightened spine and bulging disc in c4-c5, c5-c6.

The main problem with Mrs. Bird started years back when she met an accident. But she kept on avoiding the condition, because it was just a headache for her. When things worsened with time. In year 2016 it became worst for her.

It was debilitating neck pain.

Pins and needles in upper arm.

This was the fear of surgery for her, which made her to travel to Jaipur to get Cervical C4-C5, C5-C6 Slip disc Cure without Surgery.

After initial check up we started her treatment with an ayurvedic approach for cure of slip disc in cervical region. Moment her muscles of the shoulder started relaxing. She felt better everyday. The first week was a challenge for her. Because we were bringing back the mobility in her life. And her body was not ready for this change, which was there with her suddenly.

Before treatment started and she came to Sukhayu Ayurved, Jaipur she herself was doubtful that how the bulging disc can recover without surgery. But in three weeks she got 60-70% relief in her symptoms. And after one month of treatment now she was 100% cured. There were no symptoms left. Here is what Victoria shared with us about Cervical C4-C5, C5-C6 Slip disc Cure without Surgery….

Cervical C4-C5, C5-C6 Slip disc Cure without Surgery

The whole concept of treatment was based on the cause and effect theory, what we use for the Ayurvedic treatment for bulged discs. The understanding about the Ayurvedic Doshas and Spinal Disc problems was applied in a proper way. No body should manipulate cervical spine forcefully which is being done at many centres in name of Ayurveda and Neurotherpay? We are not in favour of this kind of practices.

The basic concepts of Ayurveda are followed as it is at Sukhayu Ayurved, Jaipur. This is the reason Sukhayu is the most genuine place for spinal disc treatment in India. Where people travel from across the world. This case where we provided Cervical C4-C5, C5-C6 Slip disc Cure without Surgery, is not one of the list. There are more than 11,000 recorded cases. These few are there to support you in gaining the confidence that C4-C5, C5-C6 Slip disc Cure without Surgery is possible.

Please send your MRI to us through contact us so that we will guide you better that what exactly we can do in your case.

Vaidya Pradeep Sharma (MD)

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