Ayurvedic Doshas and Slip Disc Problem

When you visit an Ayurvedic physician, they hold your pulse. They start reading the pulse. What they read, is a question for everybody. They look for the Doshas. What are these Doshas? How these Doshas impact on the spinal discs? Why does Doshas are important in treatment of Slip disc- herniated disc and bulged disc? These are important concerns for an Ayurvedic treatment of spinal disc problem. When a physician of Ayurveda understands the Doshas well, he can certainly turn the whole treatment to a positive direction. This is the reason we need to discuss relation in between Ayurvedic Doshas and slip disc problem, first.

Because of the faith in classical and authentic Ayurveda, Sukhayu is giving best in class results in spinal problems. Here we need to know a bit about Doshas. We need to understand Ayurvedic Pathology of the disease and moreover we will discuss the treatment modalities of the problem too.

What are the Doshas

Ayurvedic Doshas and Slip Disc Problem

These are three. They maintain the life inside. Doshas are responsible for physiology as well as pathology of the body. Whatever happens inside the body, happens because of these Doshas. Good or bad, disease or health. So Devil and Deity both are there within these Doshas.

Three- Vata, Pitta and Kapha- very famous names. Vata is responsible for movement. Pitta provides the nutrition. Kapha gives the shape. These are three activities, which decide life. When any of these activities is affected, body gets disease.

You move too much (tremors) or you cannot move your body (paralysis or pain) is all about Vata Dosha.

Proper timely nutrition, with proper nutrients is pitta.

The structure of anything inside the body is all about Kapha. It shapes up.

Thus all three of these are important for us and once we have depletion of any of these- that will cause problem with the body. Problem is- uneasiness of the body. When any number of cells is uneasy- it translates into- Dis-Ease. It might be pain, paralysis, numbness, tingling or burning. That depends on the condition and level of Doshas.

Ayurvedic Doshas and Slip Disc Problem

So how these ayurvedic doshas and slip disc problem are associated with each other. The problem with disc occurs in three steps-

  1. Lack of nutrition, due to damage of the blood arteries inside the disc. And lack of nutrition causes desiccation of the disc which is also known as degenerative disc disease.
  2. Due to the lack of nutrition, shape of the jelly distorts. Jelly looses its character and shape.
  3. The movement of the jelly in wrong direction- Bulged disc or Herniated disc. When this condition becomes more aggressive- canal is occupied by the bulged tissue lead to canal stenosis or extrusion of the spinal disc.

These three steps clearly talk about three Doshas.

  • Pitta is nutrition. When there is no nutrition, disc decays. Thus it is Pitta problem.
  • When shape of the jelly and disc distorts it is all about the Kapha Dosha.
  • Movement of the material in wrong direction occurs. Therefore Vata is involved.

Therefore at Sukhayu we treat the Spinal disc issues as a condition where all the three doshas are involved. But problem with most of other centres is when they work on relation of Ayurvedic doshas and slip disc problem- they keep on working on the Vata Dosha alone.

Pain is not a problem. Problem is with disc. Therefore at Sukhayu we don’t stop pain. We believe in reverting the disease. When we work on the concept of Doshas. We can do this. Otherwise not.

Reversal of pathology in physiology is the base of natural treatment. This is the understanding of Ayurvedic doshas and slip disc problem which makes Sukhayu Ayurved a best place for the treatment of spinal problems.