Ayurveda For Herniated Disc

A herniated disc is a fear. Certainly because if herniated disc is not treated well in time, it can cause serious problem like disability and complete loss of sensation in effected region. Pain is not that serious, what is basically a problem of loss of sensation. Numbness and tingling sensation goes hand in hand. When it comes to the treatment of the condition. Surgery seems to be a last resort. Surgical interventions might be necessary but not always. Ayurveda for herniated disc is more practical and substantial as a therapy than surgery.

We can get Herniated Disc back to normal without surgery, through Ayurveda treatment for herniated disc.

Ayurveda For Herniated Disc

Herniation of the disc is a state of disc. We need to understand everything in Ayurvedic way to better find an answer that what can be possibilities through Ayurveda for herniated disc?

Disc represents: Kapha Dosha, Majja Dhatu! What are these-

Kapha is among three doshas. Kapha represents- lubrication and water content of the body. It is responsible for binding the things together. Jelly inside the disc is doing same thing- thus it is rich in Kapha Dosha.

Majja Dhatu is the Dhatu which is responsible to keep the bones together.

We work on these two aspects. These are two logical points. Shared by Ayurvedic sheers. When we work on these conceptually we get proper results. If we look at the modern day theory of herniated disc. The degeneration of the disc in other words is loss of water content from the nucleus pulposus. In other words- dryness increases.

The same dryness impacts the muscles and causes- stiffness.

We reverse this dryness. We do nourish muscles and nucleus pulposus, through Panchakarma.

Best Ayurveda treatment for herniated disc

Any treatment which is planned according to the requirement of the body is best- because it is pin pointed. We do Panchakarma for these cases. Panchakarma is not alone, applying some oil over the skin. We do Panchakarma procedures according to requirement of the patient. These range form Virechana, Basti and Nasya- from the classical panchakarma. There are many procedures like- Shalwana Sweda, Updeha. Kati Basti, Greeva Basti etc. remain there on the panel for ayurvedic treatment for herniated disc.

Most of these procedures has – Oils and Ghee. We always use medicated oils and ghee. Oils have a great property to nourish the body. Oils carry the medicines to the cell. Because cells have a lot of fat thus these fats associates within the layer therefore medicines with fats work quicker on the body.

Besides the Ayurvedic and Panchakarma based approaches, we also do go for Yoga. To manipulate the spine in a better way. Ayurveda for herniated disc is best for the treatment in case of not only herniated dis but also for all kind of spinal disc problems. Therefore Sukhayu is a leader in the category for this kind of problems.