Disc Problems in Lower Back

Our spine plays a significant role in the human movement. It provides support for the head, the shoulder, and the pelvic girdles. Human spine is the protector of the body. Because this provides protection to the central nervous system which is in charge of the function of every single cell, tissue, and organ in the body.  Therefore, any disorder in the spine would adversely affect our movement, coordination with the nervous system or outer spinal nerves. Specially the disc problems in lower back can complicate the whole system.

A robust spine together with a healthy nervous system is important in maintaining the whole body health. Any mishap to this may result in severe condition and sometimes, a disc herniation or a extruded disc, which can cause canal stenosis too.

Disc Problems in Lower Back are most common in L3-L4, L4-L5 and the most notorious L5-S1. There are many reasons behind the disc problems in lower back, lets understand these factors…

Disc Problems in Lower Back: Causes

Lower back, anatomically lumbo-sacral spine is the most vulnerable part of the spine. Because of the nature of the movement as well as structure and shape of the spine. There are certain causes behind problems of L3-L4, L4-L5 and L5-S1 discs.

Muscular Stiffness and disc problems in lower back

Muscles of the lower back are always in use, whether we are in a sitting posture, standing, walking. This is only while sleeping we don’t use the lower back muscles. Therefore, these muscles tire. But they don’t get proper relaxation if we are staying in same posture regularly. This soreness and stiffness in muscles of the back, strains the intervertebral spaces and pressure on the spaces leads to the problems of the spinal discs.

Bad Posture

Almost 80% of the spinal problems occur because of the bad postures. Once we are sitting, lying down or standing in a wrong posture. These bad postures alter the spinal alignment and this poor alignment leads to the complicated conditions for the spine. This happens through spinal and back muscles.

Improper Diet

Diet plays an important role in maintaining the wellness of spine. When ever our diet is imbalanced it leads to the spinal problems according to Ayurveda. If we look at the data, moment we started avoiding proper intake of fats- these all spinal problems are increasing since than. We need to check the relation of the diet and its impact on spinal disease. At Sukhayu, we work on this concept fully.

These are three most common causes behind Disc Problems in Lower Back. There are several others too, but these are avoided by many hospitals thus it was important to discuss these first. The other causes are –

Impact of Ageing

This is an important issue behind the disc problems in lower back. Because age is a truth and we cannot deny this. What we can do is- we can delay the process of ageing so that impact of age won’t disturb the wellness of body. But in today’s era the rat-race is affecting the complete wellness of human beings and this is the reason Disc Problems in Lower Back are on a surge.

Disc Problems in Lower Back

There are possibilities of all the problems in the lower back. There can be different disc problems in lower back as per the condition of the disc problems-

Desiccated disc in lower back

This is the most common problem in the lower back. Mostly L3-L4, L4-L5 and L5-S1 discs are affected in the condition. Lower back stiffness with mild radiation of the pain on sides is the main symptom of this condition. This is a condition where water content of the disc starts reducing.

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Degenerative Disc Disease in lower back

When disc dehydrate, the jelly inside the spine starts weakening. This further loss in the disc starts exerting the pressure on the annular ligaments. This is something which starts bothering the lower back muscles. In this condition- the compression on thecal sac develops and causes different neural problems.

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Bulged Disc in lower back

In this condition, the pressure is higher on the jelly part and this part dislocates towards the sides. Now jelly starts moving towards the periphery, and it can happen in any direction of the disc- 180 degrees.

Bulged disc in lower back is more complicated than the above two conditions. Here pain can be severe and other symptoms like- numbness and burning also appear. This happens according to the involvement of the doshas in spinal disease.

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Herniated Disc in lower back

Annular fibre tears and jelly peeps out, into the spinal canal. Now irritation of the nerves is higher. Herniated disc in lower back is never ever there without any symptoms. This is a condition which needs immediate attention.

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Protruded Disc in lower back

Protruded disc is a term which is used for the above conditions, interchangeably. This is a common term used for different conditions from degenerative disc disease to herniated disc.

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Extruded Disc in lower back

This is a condition where the inner jelly of the disc starts hanging in the spinal canal. This condition is the severest among all the conditions. The intensity of the pain in such condition is always higher than any other conditions. When a disc is extruded, it certainly cause complicated condition of canal stenosis.

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Canal Stenosis

This is the most complicated condition of the slip disc in lower back. This condition leads to sciatica pain. Along with sciatica pain there might be loss of sensation in the lower part of the body, below the L.S. spine.

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Disc Problems in Lower Back according to location:

As per the discs and location of the disc, spinal problems are labeled differently. These are according to location-

L1-L2 Disc Problem in lower back

L2-L3 Disc Problem in lower back

L3-L4 Disc Problem in lower back

L4-L5 Disc Problem in lower back

L5-S1 Disc Problem in lower back

So symptoms of the problems due to slip disc in these regions give different signs and symptoms, because of the compressions on different nerve roots.

Treatment for Disc Problems in Lower Back

At Sukhayu we provide the treatment for disc problems in lower back according to the causative factors. The main core of any treatment is diagnosis. When we are able to make a proper diagnosis, than we start the treatment for the condition. There are different treatment modalities as per the requirement and condition of the patient.

At Sukhayu Ayurved, we don’t believe in manual manipulation or jerking the body.

Because we understand the importance of the spine and risk of a spine injury very well.

Therefore if you are looking treatment from Sukhayu, please send your MRI to us. So that our physicians will check your MRI in detail and will be able to guide you in a better way.