Ayurvedic Treatment for Bulged Disc

Spinal disc problems are common nowadays. This is our lifestyle and our diet together which causes this problem very often. Bulged disc is a condition for which every other surgeon might ask for spinal surgery. But Ayurveda is more promising in providing treatment for bulged disc. When it comes to Ayurvedic Treatment for Bulged disc, everybody thinks that by taking certain medicines, we can get rid of the problem. Not true. You should read- Why Ayurvedic Medicines fail to help in Bulged Disc.

Basic problem is when we consider ayurvedic treatment for bulged disc, we will be suggested for using this or that medicines by some companies and people who sell medicines. And later on this is said- Ayurvedic Treatment for Bulged Disc failed!! Why does ayurvedic treatment is more practical for patients with bulged disc? What approach do Sukhayu Ayurveda follows? Here are some details on this.

Does Ayurvedic Treatment Work for Bulged Disc

Treatment is not a single day affair. This is a process, a journey and moreover it is an approach. Mr. Phool Chand came to us with severely bulged discs in L4-L5 and L5-S1. He is working as a clerk in government sector. Mr. Chand used to sit in chair for the whole day and that too in a bad posture. He was having immense pain in his left leg and it was making hard for him to move a bit. This young man of age 32 years was having a disabling pain. Read Complete Story of Mr. Chand how he recovered from bulged disc. In the mean time we will discuss the process, journey and treatment approach we followed.

His lumbar muscles like- quadarotus lumborum and psoas muscles were stiff. This stiffness lead this person to the loss of lordosis. Due to loss of lordosis intervertebral spaces reduced. The pressure from the two adjacent bones- bulged the disc. Now in this case Disc was not culprit. Problem was the muscles of lumbar region which were strained badly.

So in this case we worked on two things: Relaxation of muscles to a normal level along with reconstruction of the curvature of spine. In most of the cases we find same condition like Mr. Chand. We need to give proper space to the disc. Disc is a living structure. When you give it a space- it will come to its normal place (If not 100%, almost to a negligible level).

Approach for Ayurvedic Treatment for Bulged Disc

Approach is core of every treatment. This is the reason allopath medicines has lost their impact on treatment of many conditions. The basic approach for ayurvedic treatment for bulged disc is- finding the root cause of the condition and to treat that. Because giving this or that medicine cannot help any condition.

We need to rectify the curvature of the spine. Need to give proper space to the spinal disc. By moving the vertebral bodies to their normal place. And yes, we need to nourish the disc’s internal environment too. We do all these things simultaneously. So we do the three things together-

  • Ayurvedic Medicines
  • Panchakarma and
  • Yoga.

Ayurvedic medicines for Bulged Disc

Ayurvedic science work on the theory of Doshas. This is the Vata Doshas which is responsible for causing stiffness, spasm in muscles. And yes this can happen with diet also. Not important to meet an accident. Thus we use certain Ayurvedic medicines which are intended to pacify the aggravated Vata Dosha. This we need to continue for 4 to 6 months according to the condition of a patient. As in case of Mr. Chand we used the medicines for only 3 months and he recovered well in this period.

Panchakarma treatment for Bulged Disc

Panchakarma is a tool for removal of toxins from the body. Because Vata might be a factor. But due to imbalance Dosha a lot of toxins starts accumulating inside the body. In case of Bulged disc, these are toxins like “lactic acid”. This deposition of lactic acid makes the flexibility lesser in the muscles. Panchakarma helps in removing these toxins deep seated. Panchakarma procedures are selected according to the condition of the patient.

Along with this, Panchakarma heals and regenerates the intervertebral disc. Disc is considered as Majja Dhatu. This Dhatu helps the movements of the bones and gives support to the joints.

So Panchakarma helps in many ways during the ayurvedic treatment for bulged disc. In case of  L4-L5 and L5-S1 Bulged Disc with Mr. Phool Chand Ji we did Panchakarma for 21 days at a single time.

Yoga for Bulged disc

Yoga is an essential part. But should not be done through Youtube videos. Because a single wrong movement can cause several problems. Let the experts decide the uniqueness of yoga postures for you. The therapeutic Yoga at Sukhayu is taught by our experts.

When it comes to Yoga. Yoga do the manipulation part. We can rearrange the vertebral bodies by manipulating these. This manipulation should not be “forceful”. This should be easy and well planned. Basically, it is not slowness of Ayurveda. This is the slow movement of your bones through Yoga, which makes our treatment 4 to 6 months long in most of the cases.

So if you are having a bulged disc in spine and dont want to operate your spine. Then Ayurvedic treatment for bulged disc is the best thing to do in your case. Bulged disc will come to its natural place and there wont be any major complication or compression on your nerves, which might be causing pain with you, while reading this page.

Contact us for right guidance about your case and dont forget to attach your MRI scan report for study by our experts.