Slip Disc Problem Treatment in Ayurveda

Implants, fixing the vertebrae, cutting the discs, rubbing the bones!! These are the engineering based solutions with advanced western medical sciences for spinal disc problems. They believe in cutting, removing. Why don’t they think of restoring. Why there are no options for the spinal disc problems? Surgery is mandatory more for doctors but less for patients. Surgeons don’t convince us for surgeries, they fear patients. Fear patients with complications of disc problems. In much cases they tell us that if surgery wont be done, it will threaten the life. But it is not always like this. All surgeries are not fake. But most of them are really- not required. Nobody can deny the utility of the surgeries and their life saving capacities in trauma. Yet, this is important to know that surgery is not the only solution for spinal disc problems. Disc problem treatment in Ayurveda is more practical, more easy and more result oriented.

Here we are supposed to discus Disc Problem Treatment in Ayurveda. The impact, utility of Spinal surgery and associated complications are not the subject for this page.

Treatment of Slip Disc Problem in Ayurveda

Spinal disc are delicate tissues. These are safe inside the bones with a lot of ligaments and tissues. Sukhayu is doing Disc Problem Treatment in Ayurveda sector since last 12 years successfully. Basically we do treatment through ayurvedic principles and rectify the cause of the problem. Not just the relaxation in pain. Pain is not the problem, what we all think in case of spinal disc problems. Slip disc or herniated disc – whatsoever is the condition- pain just tells us that something is not working well inside the body. We need to rectify the cause of the pain. But more than 90% patients just need something to relieve pain.

Ayurvedic treatment works opposite to this. We work on the root cause of the problem. The main thing is the dominance of the Dosha in case of disc problem. Disc problem treatment in Ayurveda is based on the dominance of the Dosha mostly. While treating spinal disc problem through ayurveda, we are really very careful about the condition of the patient and root cause of the problem.

It is not alone Disc

Generally, when somebody talks about disc. They feel that this is the disc alone, which is impacted. It is not true. There are many other things which cause the problem. This might be your digestive system, your hormonal system and in many cases this might be stress level of the patient which impacts the disease and treatment of disc in ayurveda. Basically we work on the following points-

  1. Diet and Eating habits and Slip Disc
  2. The Lifestyle of a spinal disc patients 
  3. Digestive system and Slip disc 
  4. Stress and its relation with slip disc
  5. Doshas involved in the process of the spinal disc problem

We work on all these aspects properly. You can click the above points and know more about these in detail.

Not Alone Medicines

We receive a lot of calls asking for medicines. On youtube and facebook people ask us to share the name of medicines and some quick fix home remedies which can relive the patient immediately. But we dont have anything magical with us. Kind of Disc Problem Treatment in Ayurveda we offer is based on the cause and effect theory. Until unless we don’t know the root cause of the problem, we cannot treat a person’s condition.

Basically in most of the patients problem is with the alignment of the spine or ligamentum flavum and several other things with the spine. We could never understand that how there can be a remedy for all the cases which we can float through youtube or facebook?

We don’t relieve the pain alone. Thus we don’t have any medicines for this condition. We need to be very careful about the treatment. This is the reason we are always very curious in finding the cause of the problem. Because this is the cause of problem which needs to be rectified. The same cause can be somewhere else, not in spine always.

Basics of Slipped disc problem treatment in Ayurveda

We at Sukhayu don’t rely on one thing. We use a three dimensional approach of treatment. Where we integrate Panchakarma and Yoga along with ayurvedic medicines. Role of these three are well defined for us and we plan for the treatment accordingly.

Slip Disc problem treatment in ayurveda: Medicines

The very first thing for this is pulse diagnosis. After pulse diagnosis our physicians decide the aggravation of the Dosha. According to aggravated dosha in slip disc problem, medicines are selected. These doshas are bio humors, which control all physiological activities of the body. KNOW MORE 

Slip Disc problem treatment in ayurveda: Panchakarma

Where medicines just pacify the doshas inside. When doshas exceed from a level. We remove these from inside. Panchakarm is tool for this. This might be local lactic acid or deep seated toxins inside the body. Everything should be cleansed well to ensure the best results of the treatment. KNOW MORE

Slip Disc problem treatment in ayurveda: Yoga

You can never readjust a mechanically dislocated thing with medicines and removing the toxins from the body. It is important to manipulate the body in a right manner to get desired results.

This is a combination of all the techniques that we are the only ayurveda hospital for spinal disc problem where we ensure the restoration of the discs in its natural space. We have Herniated Disc Recovery Stories where nothing was possible other than the surgery. So if you are suffering from spinal disc problem and looking for disc problem treatment in ayurveda- Sukhayu is the best place for slip disc treatment through Ayurveda. Therefore just share your MRI report from contact us link on the page and let our physicians check and tell you how much successful treatment we can offer to you.

Slipped Disc problem treatment in Ayurveda: Need from patient


We DON’T USE PAINKILLERS even Ayurvedic ones. This is the reason you need to be “patient” while the treatment. Our main motive is not to reduce your pain. Our main concern is to treat cause of the disc problem. So that you can maintain your health in a better way. This needs time so you need ample of patience. During the treatment at many points patient thinks that there should not be any pain 24X7. This is not possible while treating the slip disc through Ayurveda.

Treatment is like a journey. A process. It completes after a time duration. It never completes according to convince of a physician and patient.


In last 12 years we have seen many patients who just “try” Ayurvedic treatment. These are the patients who added to our failures. These patients lack commitment. They just want to give ayurveda a try before surgery. This is the reason we don’t want to take any patient who have made their mind for surgery.

So if you want a nonsurgical disc problem treatment in Ayurveda, just contact us and share your MRI reports so that we can help you in a better way and you can be one of our Herniated Disc Recovery Stories