How Diet Causes Disc Problem

How diet causes disc problem- might be a silly thought for some people. This is a fact. Diet plays an important role in slip disc cases. We need to understand role of diet in disc problem treatment in ayurveda. Basically we need to understand the concept of diet when we look for Ayurvedic treatment for slip disc. Whatever is the cause of problem, removal of the same cause will help us in treatment.

As we all know- human spine is a cluster of 33 vertebrae. These vertebrae stay together with help of muscles and ligaments. Moment, these muscles and ligaments are strained- it will cause the problem with normal lordosis of the spine. This is the point where diet plays an important role as a causative factor for spinal disc problems.

How Diet Causes Disc Problem

Ayurveda works on principles of Gunas. Gunas are characters. These express through “activities” and “results”. For example, when we eat something that particular food carries some characters (Gunas). Moment we eat the food. That guna transfers to our body. Now the same guna of the food – reflects on our bodies.

Basically, these gunas are 20 in number are in pairs. When it comes to the herniated disc or bulged disc- the Ruksha Guna “dryness” is the most important. Because most of the spinal disc problems are associated with dryness. Thus, the moment we increase the intake of the dry guna through food- it starts impacting on our body. The dry guna of the food expresses on the body.

The basic impact of the dry guna is- stiffness. The same stiffness when increased causes loss of lordosis, or reduces the space between the two- vertebrae. Along with this nucleus pulposus (the jelly inside the disc) is also “unctuous” (Smooth). The same dryness leads to the problem of dryness. This is the dryness- which causes the degeneration of the disc (First stage of the slip disc always).

What Diet Causes Disc Problem

How Diet Causes Disc Problem

So this simple guna of dryness can cause all such problems with the disc. This guna is predominant in most of the green leafy vegetables, Green Peas also in Barley, Maze and Oats.

Obesity and fears of obesity are bigger for mankind nowadays. With these fears- everybody is worried about weight gain. In this haste of loosing weight- we all are running aways from fats. These fats are basically mandatory to maintain the flexibility of the muscles and disc. Opposite to this dryness induced by such foods is increasing the cases of disc prolapse immensely in our societies.

Until unless this diet is not proper, it will keep on inducing the problems like slip disc. At Sukhayu Ayurved we not only guide you for proper diet to manage but also provide the same food according to your requirement. This helps us to get proper treatment of disc problems.

Dieting to get rid of Slip Disc

We have see dozens of patients who think that dieting will help to restore herniated disc naturally. More on this topic there are some rubbish video tutorials available at the internet, which make people to follow some stupid diet. This is all fake. Fake is not enough. This kind of information comes from the people who dont have any proper medical education.

Dieting will complicate the problem for a slip disc patient.

Yes!! It is true.

Movement you diet. You just try to remove the fatty tissues from the body. This lack of fat and increase in Ruksha Guna will enhance the stiffness in the body. Once you have more ruksha guna. You will find your body and specially all the joints are stiff. The same stiffness which is the root cause of the problem. You need to understand- balance is health. Health cannot be achieved in parts.

So if you want to get rid of the slip disc and want to restore your herniated disc naturally- ayurveda has a more to offer. Once you understand diet causes disc problem then you can easily use proper diet under the guidance of experts which will help your disc to come in its natural space.