Ayurvedic Treatment for Desiccated Disc

“There is no cure of the desiccation” and “you don’t have any other option than surgery, just wait and watch”- if you are also one of the cases who are advised for the surgical options. Then here Vaidya Dr. Pardeep Sharma is discussing about the approach of Ayurvedic treatment of desiccated disc. When we do the treatment according to an approach and based on the science. It becomes easy in every case to yield the best results.

Before we discuss the ayurvedic treatment for desiccated disc. We need to know about desiccated disc in brief.

Desiccation means- Removal of moisture from a thing.

Disc is a flexible structure. Outer ring is fibrous. And inside it is proteins and water together. When a disc is “watery” like jelly- it is flexible and it bounces back. But the moment wateriness is reduced. It becomes flaccid.

So we are here discussing and talking about the water inside the jelly like nucleus pulposus.

What is a desiccated disc?

A desiccated disc is a disc from which moisture or water from inside the jelly like – nucleus pulposus has disappeared or reduced.

There are certain points which can elaborate the process of desiccation of the disc in detail. For that we need to know the following question-

  • Is disc a living structure or non living?
  • From where disc gets nutrition?
  • Can we regenerate the nutrition?

Let’s explore these points one by one-

Is spinal disc a living or non living structure?

With development in science we know, disc is living from core. The nucleus pulposus comprises cells. Yes living cells. Dr. Erwin working a Divisions of Neurological and Orthopaedic Surgery,University of Toronto, Toronto Western Hospital confirms the same-

In youth the NP is a highly hydrated gelatinous structure composed of between 1–3% cells, with the remainder made up of ECM and water.

The cellular and molecular biology of the intervertebral disc: A clinician’s primer

You can read the whole paper here- The structure of A disc.

So one thing is clear- disc is living and it has capacity of regeneration.

From where disc gets its nutrition?

A disc is sandwiched between two bones. But between bone and disc there is a cartilaginous structure. We know it as END PLATE. There are blood arteries which carry nutrition to the disc. This water is nutrition to the disc and its cells.

Can we regenerate the nutrition?

Embryologically, tissue which comes from mesodermal tissue can be regenerated. And disc, blood arteries and nucleus pulposus- everything is mesodermal. So it confirmed scientifically that disc and its nutrition can be regenerated.

How and why a disc does desiccate?

When compression starts building on the disc or end plates of vertebrae are affected due to pressure or ageing process. Nutritional supply of the nucleus pulposus – the inner soft part of the disc- reduces. Due to lack of nutrition- the inner core of the disc starts degenerating. This is the condition, where degeneration of disc take place. This is the condition which is known as- desiccated disc or disc desiccation.

Basically desiccation of the spinal disc is an age related condition. It is unavoidable. When age affects the body it is sure that desiccation will happen in the discs.

But it becomes a worrisome condition when a 25 years old young boy or a gentleman of 35 years comes with desiccated disc.

So when it comes to understand the condition’s treatment in a better way. We need to understand the basics of Ayurvedic treatment for desiccated disc.

Treatment of Desiccated Disc through Ayurveda

Can Ayurveda regenerate the desiccated disc?

Yes, Ayurveda can regenerate the desiccated disc. Because

  • Disc is a living structure (Scientifically proven).
  • Nutrition can be replenished to the disc. And
  • Causes behind the disc bulge are reversible.

Can Desiccated disc be risky for me?

This is the first stage of disc bulge. So if it is left untreated certainly it will . get worsened with time and can cause all possible complications of the disc problem. So it is better to treat this condition in initial stage.

Process of Ayurvedic Treatment for Disc Desiccation?

Here is the complete process of the reversal of degenerative disc disease or desiccation of the disc.

Ayurvedic treatment is based on the main point- What is the cause behind the desiccated disc. We are trying here to detail the treatment process we follow for the best Ayurvedic treatment for desiccated disc.

Removal of pressure from the disc

Pressure and decay of the end plates is the main cause behind the desiccation of the spinal disc (Read here details about Desiccated disc) . This pressure is mostly due to loss of lordosis. But it is not always. There might be some strain on the spinal structure because of the ligamental and muscular strain- this comes due to posture of sitting or working.

Bring back the nutrition

The most wonderful and satisfying thing with the blood vessels is- they can regenerate themselves. This capacity of the discs, is always helpful in assuring complete treatment of the desiccated disc. The blood supply if continues through the end plates it becomes easy to treat a desiccated disc.

Avoiding the causative factors

The causative factors might be the way we sit or do our job. Above this, diet can cause spinal disc problems like desiccation. So we work on the diet too. What everybody of us need to follow. Even our spine is perfect and we don’t have any disc problem.

How to Get Best Ayurvedic Treatment for Desiccated Disc

You need to share your MRI report which comes in writing. Our team will study the whole report and will make a understanding about your case. We can also send a questionnaire to you to better understand your case. Because we take only the case which we can treat successfully. This is not like we will treat every patient.

Once we are sure about the root cause of the problem. Than we will let you to know about possibilities of treatment. This is the first phase for the best ayurvedic treatment of desiccated disc.

Why to treat desiccated disc with Ayurveda

For a surgeon, desiccated disc is nothing. Because he cannot do the surgery on that disc. Surgeons keep on waiting for the next stage of the desiccated disc like- bulged disc or herniated disc. But Ayurveda augments for prevention of any disease. Because this is the first stage of the spinal problems, thus it is very much easy to treat the condition with ease. When we can treat a condition in its earliest stage why to complicate the things further.

If desiccated disc is left as it is- things will complicate further. So better share your MRI with us and get the detailed answer from Vaidya Pardeep Sharma’s team about the possibilities of the best Ayurvedic treatment for desiccated disc.