At Sukhayu Ayurved, we are able to treat complicated case of cervical myelopathy. This is because of the right use of Nasya for Cervical problems. Let’s discuss all about this panchakarma procedures.

Nasya is one of the Panchakarma treatment methods. In normal terminology we call it as nasya karma or navana. All the Panchakarma procedures help in controlling the local diseases. Nasya is about head. Head in Ayurveda is- the portion above the clavicle region. Thus nasya is about the eyes, ear, throat, mouth. Cervical, the neck and head also falls in the same region. Therefore we do Nasya with special medicines in case of problems with neck and head. It purifies the passages and opens up channels.

Nasya process of Panchakarma therefore, happens to be the administration of the medicines through the nasal route to treat the diseases related to head which are best treated by this process because nose is considered as the nearest route to head. Under the supervision of Vaidya Pardeep Sharma, we have developed proper USPs  for Nasya to ensure the best results in treatment of cervical disc problems through Ayurveda.

Types of Nasya

According to types of medicines and their administration, nasya is of different types. We use all of these types according to requirement of patient. The selection of medicine ensures the best results in treatment. Therefore doing Panchakarma is not enough, what is required is- selection of medication too. This makes Sukhayu Ayurved, a best place for treatment of spinal disc problems. As we know in every spinal disc problems Ayurvedic doshas aggravate. Therefore nasya is useful in balancing the doshas and selection of medicines helps in controlling the local doshas.

Here are these sub types of Nasya Karma…

  1.  Navana: In this type of Nasya, drug of choice is- medicated oils. Navana nasya is again of two types-
    1. Shamana: Shamana means to pacify the doshas. In this we do pacify the disturbed doshas.
    2. Shodhana: It is about cleansing and removing the aggravated doshas.
  2. Avapidana: Leaves or other parts of plants, according to Doshas when squeezed in nose. This subtype of Nasya is Avapidana. Avapidana itself mean- to squeeze.
    1.  Shodhana: Used to pacify the doshas.
    2. Stambhana: To stop the bleeding or any other alike conditions.
  3. Dhmapana: Take powder and blow it is nose- this is Dhmapana. Dhamapana is to blow. This condition we use for treatment of conditions like Epilepsy The selection of powder is important in this subtype too.
  4.  Dhooma: A medicated smoke when inhaled through nostrils and exhaled through the buccal cavity is- Dhooma or Dhoompana. This way we can make a better reach of medicines to the deeper parts of the body.
  5. Pratimarsha: This subtype is to increase the strength of the body. If a person has to take a few drops like 16 drops in a day.

Nasya: Mode of Action

Nose is route to the brain. The sieve plate on top of the nasal cavity has lots of blood vessels, these blood vessels supply to different parts above the clavicle bone. This makes nasya a choice for problems in the upper body. It might be brain or cervical spinal cord.

Nasya for Cervical Problems

The kind of results we can ensure through nasya treatment can be seen in these two patients-

Victoria Bird

She was suffering with problem in C5-C6 and C6-C7. She had headache and all associated symptoms of the problem because of cervical. Nasya worked as wonder in this case. Read the full story of her here-

Cervical C4-C5, C5-C6 Slip disc Cure without Surgery

Rameshbhai Amrutiya

In same condition , Rameshbhai Amrutiya came to us. Allopaths operated neck of Rameshbhai. But the changes of cervical myelopathy was intact with him and was disturbing him regularly. In this case too- this was Nasya for cervical problems

C5-C6, C6-C7 Cervical Disc Herniation With Cervical Myelopathy

There are many cases where Nasya proved like a boon for cervical problems.

It is not about doing Nasya alone. How should one do it? What oils, powders, juices of herbs should be used for Nasya- there are many different questions about this.

Where we can answer these questions on basis of experience and logic, only there we can give better results. This is legacy of Sukhayu Ayurveda, where we have standardised all the procedures of Pahchakarma to ensure best in class results. The Nasya for cervical problems is part of the same logic and understanding of authentic Ayurvedic science. If you want to get rid of your complicated cervical problem then nasya for spinal problems may prove far beneficial for you.

We understand a patient first. Therefore we ask every patient to share their MRI reports. So that we can study a case in better way. This makes Sukhayu a place where we give maximum results in spinal disc treatment without surgery.