Kati Basti For Slip Disc

Kati Basti is a treatment for the spinal disc problems of lower back . It is the most famous among Ayurvedic Physicians. But when Kati Bastiyou ask some an Ayurvedic Physician- why do you do this procedure of Panchakarma. Answer is missing. Kati basti for slip disc is an important procedure. Many do it with a small pool of dough. Some use the Acrylic or Fibre based pots like Sukhayu Ayurved. But concept is missing with most of the clinicians. If there is some procedure of any science. It is important to have some standard operating procedures for that- SOPs. At Sukhayu Ayurved, Jaipur we believe in scientific application of Ayurveda. Thus we have developed a proper science for every procedure. This might be Kati Basti or any other procedure of Ayurvedic Panchakarma. Kati Basti works the best when it comes to avoid surgery in case of slip disc.

Kati Basti for Slip disc

When it is a problem with lower back and there is a slip disc. Kati bast for slip disc is a first choice of every physician of Ayurveda. We at Sukhayu Ayurveda worked on the different modalities of this Panchakarma procedure. And lastly we have streamlined the concept as well as standardisation of this Panchakarma procedure.

Concept behind Kati basti

This is a procedure where we do snehana and swedana of the affected part all together. The sore muscles are located according to MRI Films. And on basis of that we do decide the location of the Kati Basti in the patients. When we are doing snehana and swedana together it means- we oleate the body on one end and simultaneously sweating takes place. Therefore Kati Basti is not a one way procedure. It is a two way procedure. We nourish through medicated oils on one end. And we remove the local toxins from the muscles on other side.

The basic idea of the Kati Basti comes from – Dalhana. He has given a perfect idea about these external bastis. Which was never understood by ayurvedic fraternity. But the continuous research at Sukhayu Ayurved on different aspects of Ayurveda- under the guidance of Vaidya Pardeep Sharma has worked extensively on Ayurvedic Texts. Due to this research only we are able to standardised procedure of Kati Basti.

Standardisation of Kati Basti

At most of the times patient remarks- “I had undergone Kati Basti but didn’t get any relief?” What new you guys do at Sukhayu Ayurved?

Not only Basti but also all the procedures are done according to standard policies about the procedures. The main three things in Kati Basti at Sukhayu Ayurved are-

Selection of Oils for Kati Basti:

Oils we use in Kati basti for slip disc at Sukhayu Ayurved are decided according to the problem of the patient and nature of the patient- Prakruti as well as Vikruti- in Ayurvedic language. Pulse diagnosis helps a lot in this condition. We use a very large range of the medicated oils. Amazingly few drops a specific oil can change the whole results of the treatment,

Temperature of Oil in Kati Basti:

Kati basti for slip disc in Kapha people needs more temperature (even though they cannot endure it in some cases), Pitta people need just lukewarm oils. Contrary to these Vata people need just oil. This kind of evaluation and selection of the oils if done properly than only Kati basti works. Otherwise it is just a waste of time and money.

The Table of Oil:

The height of oil table with in the Kati Basti apparatus means a lot. People who do it with dough only, the table is of few millimetres but we do it in inches. This kind of standardisation is important and it varies from patient to patient.


We do Kati Basti for 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes…. in three patterns. According to the affected Dhatu in pathological process.

These are the basic reasons we have results in spinal disc problems.

How Sukhayu Gives best results

Not at all. If you are going for Kati basti alone, it is not beneficial at all. The main planning of treatment is wider in Ayurveda than it looks from outside. Alone kati basti for slip disc is not enough. We adjoin many other procedures like Pottali, Lepa, Basti and Virechana along with Kati basti. We don’t promote the concept of doing Kati basti at home. Because it can be fatal to play with warm oils. A bit of irregularity with temperature of the oil can cause burns in your skin. This is important to do under supervision of experts. Sukhayu Ayurveda is an institution where we have completely educated and trained Ayurveda Nurses (both male and female) to do the procedures.

Kati Basti at home

So it is better to collect the information. But not advisable to do any procedures at home. Let the experts handle your spine with care. Because overlooking of any problem with spine can lead you to complete disability. So please share your MRI report (written one) with us and we will let you to know what best possible we have for you. If we won’t be able to understand your case. We will deny you straightforwardly.

When we do Kati basti for slip disc cases, we are quite serious about this procedure. We know that patients come to Sukhayu Ayurved with a ray of hope. We don’t sum up the procedure with in 15 – 20 minutes what is the practice at many prime centres of Ayurveda. Our therapists stay with you and keep on changing the oil.

We do change the oils on regular intervals.

We neither recycle nor re use the oil what we have used on  a patient. This is the reason at Sukhayu we have the best results of kati basti for slip disc.