Neurotherpay Treatment for Disc Problem

Neurotherpay!! Invented by someone and now used by a group of Ayurvedic people. And amazingly they claim that this is the part of the Ayurvedic treatment for slip disc? Now it is important to talk about the role of Neurotherpay Treatment for Disc Problem. And before that we need to know that what is this neuropathy all about?

Neurotherpay: Untrained Chiropractic Practices of India

They pull the body parts by putting a towel in neck, back or shoulder. Cracking sounds from the different joints. One man pulls the body and other one presses from the above and this is a system of treatment? These so called doctors are risky in all means. The main problem is they are not trained, at all. Because there is no such pathy in India- Neurotherapy!!

They are untrained and trying to manipulate the spine, without understanding the risk with their treatments. If we look at some of the research papers on side effects of the chiropractic manipulation. A study covers it – Adverse effects of spinal manipulation: a systematic review by E Ernst. The results read…

In case reports or case series, more than 200 patients were suspected to have been seriously harmed. The most common serious adverse effects were due to vertebral artery dissections. The two prospective reports suggested that relatively mild adverse effects occur in 30% to 61% of all patients. The case-control studies suggested a causal relationship between spinal manipulation and the adverse effect.

This is something like buying a disease and paying for this. The same untrained practices are going on in India in name of Acupressure and Acupuncture. Basically this is the ignorance of the people about the degrees hanging on the walls.

Therefore, Sukhayu Ayurved condemns all these practices in name of Ayurveda. Ayurveda doesn’t have any system of treatment in name of Neurotherpay. They fool patients regularly in name of these practices.

Thus every patient needs to be educated well. So that one will be able to make a proper decision about treatment of spinal problems.

Neurotherpay Treatment for Disc Problem

They press back points, they stretch the body by pulling it down! How it can reset the spine, when you ask them- they have some success stories but not the approach for treatment. Okay we will look at these points what they do-

  1. Pressing the back. When we look at the spine in lying position, look at the image on side. Discs are on abdominal side. When one presses the back points or spine from back. They just manipulate with the bony part of the back bone. How can this all regulate the spaces between the discs? Disc is on abdominal side?
  2. Pulling body. Main causative factors for spinal disc problems is- the loss of lordosis, where curvature of the spine is disturbed. When we stretch the body from two ends- what it will cause…straightening of spine. So this is something like complicating the cause behind the problem.

So it doesn’t seem practical and approach based to try all these untrained techniques.

Ayurveda Vs. Neurotherpay

Ayurveda is a based on the texts coming straight from Vedas. These texts are- Charaka, Sushruta and Vagbhatta. They never believed in pulling and pressing. This so called therapy comes from some ayurvedic people, who are not aware about the authenticity of Ayurveda.

It seems they watched some videos on chiropractic manipulations or just read a book or two and they brought this idea of the neurotherapy!! Ayurveda has nothing to do with this system of treatment. This should not be practiced until unless we have some proper knowledge about chiropractic manipulations.

Sukhayu Ayurved, doesn’t recommend any such practices. We don’t do forceful manipulation of the spine. Once you are at Sukhayu we are careful about all the movements of your spine. Because we know and understand delicacy of your spine better…. So for us there is nothing like┬áNeurotherpay Treatment for Disc Problem