Greeva Basti

We are living an era of dryness. The dryness is an impact of excessive movements and strains and dryness when appear together, this brings complications. These complications are of two types- speedy ageing process and excessive wear and tear. Wherever movements are present, we need to maintain greasy nature. It might be the axial and tyre location of a machine or the spine and joints in case of human body. The dryness causes stiffness in the muscles. This leads to several problems in the cervical spine. This can be loss of lordosis or spondylytic changes, everything leads to spinal disc problems. When it is about cervical problems, Greeva Basti- when done properly work to wonders.

What is Greeva Basti

Greeva Basti comprises two words. Greeva and Basti. In this Greeva stands for neck and Basti is to hold somewhere. Therefore it translates into to hold something on the neck. This is oil what is held on the neck. The similar procedure is- Kati Basti also, in which we hold oils on the lower back.

Basically greeva basti is all about- snehana and swedana. Snehana means- oleation and sudation – to sweat. These both come under purvakarma of the panchakarma therapies. Thus greeva vasti helps to work on the local muscles. Because when it comes to Greeva Bastithe neck. Neck is almost 90% muscles on the back side. The spinal vertebrae are very small in size. When these muscles are strained excessively. It leads to the problems with the vertebrae.

The pressure caused by the strain, reduces space between two vertebrae. This leads to lack of blood supply to the spinal discs. Once blood supply is not proper, it causes degeneration in the spinal disc. This degeneration can lead to any condition of the spinal disc- herniated disc, bulged disc, protruded disc or disc extrusion in the cervical region. Thus it is important to maintain the normal tone of the muscles and ligaments. Only after that we can expect the normal spinal discs.

Standardisation of Greeva Basti

It just seems very easy – to hold the oil on the spine. But in many cases patients will come and complain that they tried greeva basti at many places but nothing worked. This happens because