Ayurvedic Treatment for Extruded Disc

Ayurvedic Treatment for Extruded Disc is a complicated journey of the treatment in some sense. Because a extruded disc is on the last stage of the herniation or degeneration. When this condition appears, disc had already crossed all the levels of spinal disease. The worst thing with extrusion of the disc is- its symptoms are really very aggressive. Because of the severity of the symptoms, it becomes hard for the patient to bear the pain and he quickly wants to go for surgery to get rid of the pain.

Approach of Ayurvedic Treatment for Extruded Disc

But surgery can never reverse the root cause of the problem. Root cause is left as it is in the spine. How can a surgery remove the impact of tobacco? From which theory it is possible for a surgeon to reverse impact of ageing? How can some surgeon guide your spine for a right posture?

All these questions are easy to answer with Ayurvedic approach. Ayurveda can promise you that- impact of ageing will reverse. Ayurveda can remove internal stains of the tobacco or any other addictive things, trough Panchakarma. Yes Ayurveda along with Yoga and Panchakarma can restore the natural posture for your spine. This is the reason Ayurveda can treat well the disc extrusion. This ensures us about the success of Ayurvedic treatment for extruded disc.

Removing of a piece of the disc can never be enough in any case. The main aim of the treatment should be reversal of a condition. Which is missing from the surgical treatment of extruded disc. This is the reason non surgical Ayurvedic treatment for extruded disc works far better in these conditions.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Extruded Disc: Cause Effect Theory

Ayurveda is famous for its theoretical approach which comes directly from Indian Philosophy. This philosophical background of Ayurved ensures better and more practical understanding of human body. About treatment Ayurveda believes that until unless you won’t remove the cause of the problem- how can we null the effect?

Same approach we follow while treating the spinal disc problems. It might be simple degenerative disc or complicated extruded disc. Approach matters to us at Sukhayu.

Rejuvenation: This is something important for degenerative changes in the disc. Ayurvedic Rasayana medicines can do this wisely. Along with that removal of toxins from the body in such case is important. You cannot rejuvenate something with tons of toxic elements inside. When age is a cause this works better.

Recreation:  In any condition of degeneration it is important to recreate a tissue. Problem with western medicines is- their science says and knows that it is easy to repair and recreate the mesodermal tissue. But Doctors are away from the science thus they don’t want to believe. A surgeon only knows to remove this or that tissue.

Repair: If there is some damage, there is a way to repair that. We do that for the Ayurvedic Treatment for Extruded Disc.

Three Dimensions for Ayurvedic Treatment for Extruded Disc

Ayurvedic medicines, Panchakarma and Yoga all together works well for a extruded disc. Each of these three have their own roles in non-surgical treatment of disc extrusion.

Ayurvedic Medicines: These are aimed to balance the aggravated doshas. Because approach of Ayurved is clear. These are only doshas behind slip discs. When you control these wisely you get proper results in treatment.

Panchakarma Therapies: The work of detoxification along with rejuvenation is possible to achieve through Panchakarma treatments.

Yoga Asanas: Rectification of the posture of the body comes through Yoga. Besides this impact of Yoga on process of ageing is well known.

If you want to have the Ayurvedic treatment for extruded disc than please share your MRI reports with us. We will check the report and will at least update you about the possibilities of recovery through Ayurvedic treatments.