Disc Pain Relief

A spinal disc is a fibro-cartilagenous structure. Spinal discs are located in the gaps between cervical, dorsal and lumbar regions. These discs don’t have neural supply with in these discs. Thus there cannot be any pain in the discs. But certainly discs can cause pain. Pain which is unbearable. Therefore when a spinal disc is causing pain, everybody starts looking for methods of disc pain relief. But most of these patients end up with landing in emergency rooms for spinal surgery which can be avoided easily.

Disc pain is thus – pain caused by the disc problems. These problems are of different types- Desiccated disc, Degenerative Disc, Bulged disc, Herniated Disc, Protruded disc, Extruded disc. These disc can cause problems like pain, numbness, tingling, burning and finally lead to paralysis of the area supplied by the nerves. To better understand the pain caused by disc and planning and methods of disc pain relief we need to understand the pain first.

Understanding Disc Pain

Discs are located in the empty spaces between vertebrae of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar regions. Movement regularly occurs in the cervical and lumbar regions thus these spaces are vulnerable. When due to some reason blood supply to a disc is not proper- dessication starts in the disc. This desiccation than proceeds in different problems of the disc like- bulge disc or disc herniation or disc protrusion.

When there is some problem in the neck or somewhere with the disc. It causes pain. Pain is something which wants to tell you that something is not right somewhere. Therefore pain is something like a siren. When this siren hoots, it is time to attend the body. But we are different. We are confused. As soon as this siren hoots- we start looking for solution for the pain. And this is the reason we google about methods of disc pain relief.

Why do we not think that why is pain there? What is causing pain? How should I rectify the cause of the pain? These are infinite questions which appear to me as an Ayurvedic physician, but it is always hard to share with a patient that this pain is for good of health. Not that bad, as the agony of pain itself.

Methods of Disc Pain Relief

We will talk here about every method of disc pain relief. Obviously these ideas can control the sensation of pain (perhaps) but these cannot be solution for the pain. The best solution for the pain is to restore the naturalcy of the body so that body won’t hoot the siren.

Pain killers:

These might be muscle relaxants or some other non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS), which are commonly prescribed as a method of disc pain relief. But now this is well proven that these medicines can cause many complications. This is the reason patients who used these regularly for long period- come to us with a lot of complications with liver and kidney. So this conservative method of disc pain relief works but awards a lot of complications too.

Medicines for Neuropathy:

Gabapentin and pregablin are the other drugs of choice as methods of disc pain relief. If we look at the history of these medicines, earlier these were drug of choice for “Epilepsy”. Amazingly now-a-days these are drug of choice for neurological pains. And moment we come to know about the side effects of these medicines these are just- anxiety, depression or just suicidal tendencies. How can you use these? The main concern should be to rectify the cause of the problem, not the sensation of just pain.

This is not like, we recommend Ayurvedic medicines for Slip disc problems, we know these don’t work alone. These can pacify doshas alone, not the problem.

I always ask patients- do they know any engineering development where we can rectify the problem with alignment of a vehicle, by just putting some engine oil? And they laugh on my stupidity. But I keep patience and try to tell them that this is also not possible for the spinal problems, where disc is in problem! No medicine will go there and push that hard…..


This is also a method of choice for orthopedicians and physicians. Physiotherapy is all about moving body and increasing the blood circulation. Perhaps yoga does the same, but the virtue of Yoga is bigger than this. Because- yoga is all about active movements and physiotherapies is all about passive movements. The moment you leave physio after doing for days or months- pain comes back to its place. Difference between Yoga and Physiotherapy in disc problem

Acupuncture and Acupressure

This is another well known branch in methods of disc pain relief. My questions are full of stupidity, but being an author I take liberty to ask these…

Problem is in my back- how can my disc will restore with pressing some points in ear, hand and foot?
It may be good for pain but what about the cause of the pain?

Whenever I ask this to some expert of acupuncture or acupressure…they reply- our concern is pain relief. But most of them are not aware that what a disc can cause if not treated well. We attend some 30% patients with foot drop conditions. Among these 30% patients give history of using acupressure and acupuncture problems.

The main problem occurs with acupressure and acupuncture when therapists of acupressure or acupuncture plays with the threshold values of nerves.

Manual manipulations

There might be some logic with chiropractics. But when it comes to a pathy, it should have an understanding about the human body- physiology and anatomy. But when it comes to all these sciences- chiro, acupressure or acupuncture- they dont have in depth understanding about the human body. Thus the risk factors due to mechanical manipulation increases many folds.

In places like India, there are some people who have started fooling people in name of Neuropathy and they claim that this something to do with the blessed science like- Ayurveda?? This is the greed of patients to get rid of pain immediately, not for the rectification of the problem.

When it comes to methods of disc pain relief, ayurvedic home remedies for slip disc are at first place. But as a clinicians I never prefer to think like that….

Risks with methods of disc pain relief

You overlook a siren… you don’t check the road lights…what happens than? Accident!! Exactly this is what happens with the methods of disc pain relief.

Pain is a cause. Pain is something which saves us from carelessness. The pain is a blessing of the life to human beings. Why do we hate pain- because we believe in ease. Not in dis-ease. Everybody talks about listening to others but what when a group of cells is strained and is crying and shouting loud. We just start looking for the temporary fix for the problem.

Methods of disc pain relief goes in-vain, because later or sooner body starts giving up. Body stops responding. Now it becomes challenging to find out the treatment for the condition. Once body is paralysed, it becomes near impossible to wake it up….at Sukhayu we treat drop foot too, but we don’t want anyone to reach that level of problem.

At Sukhayu we believe in reliving the cause of the pain and complete treatment for disc problems, not just suppression of the symptom of pain….

E-mail your MRI to us, so that we can check your reports and can revert to you about the possibilities of treatment…