How to Avoid Surgery for Herniated Disc

A herniated disc bothers almost 60% population nowadays. This can be seen as a growth of neuro hospitals who are offering surgery for these conditions. Surgery is told as a last resort for this condition. But truth is not- what is being told to everybody of us with a herniated disc in our spine. But there should be some way out for this condition. The basic question everybody wants to ask is- how to avoid surgery for herniated disc? And answer is very much simple- Ayurveda!! Yes Ayurveda is an answer for this condition. Many has doubts about this condition.

Without knowing the natural structure of the spinal disc, everybody questions- how can a herniated disc come back to its natural position? How can it be possible? Because that big surgeon and that big hospital is telling that- disc once herniated never returns back to its natural position. But this is the faith and scientific understanding of the spine at Sukhayu Ayurved, Jaipur which helped us to assist thousands of patients to get rid of this problem. It is not just avoidance of surgery. We can get back our disc to natural condition. Therefore you need not to panic about this.

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How to Avoid Surgery for Herniated Disc

There are millions of pages on internet which talk about same topic and ensure you that- this or that exercise can avoid surgery for herniated disc. But we don’t have any trick or remedy with us. Neither we tell our patients to boil few herbs and to take those nor we have some magical pressure points- which can bring back the disc in its natural space. All we have is- pure science. All we can do- guide you for complete recovery from the condition. And it is not only about how to avoid surgery for herniated disc. It is about your health. There are few myths you should know about-

Myths about Herniated disc Treatment

  1. Disc herniation is a mechanical issue. You cannot reverse it with this or that medicine. Because medicines can only reduce the inflammation and sensation of pain. None of the medicines, even Ayurvedic medicines alone cannot do the reversal of the herniated disc.
  2. Disc is a living structure. Everybody keeps on telling that if a disc is herniated you cannot bring it back. Because for them it is a dead tissue. With no chances of recovery. It is not like this. Disc is a living tissue. Once we stop the blood supply to it. It decays. Decay- degenerates the disc. The next stop is- bulge in a disc and when this bulge is overlooked disc herniation take place. So don’t label disc as a “dead” tissue.
  3. Herniated disc can be treated with surgery. The number of “failed back surgery syndrome” are increasing faster than the cases of herniated disc. Failure of spinal surgery makes life more horrible than it was before the surgery.

These are the basic myths about the herniated disc. But question remains same- how to avoid surgery for herniated disc.

How to avoid surgery for herniated disc with Ayurvedic Treatment

Ayurveda as a science has its own understanding about human body. Same is applicable to spine and other neural problems. Ayurveda takes human body as a whole. Spinal problems are not just problems of the spine. And specially the disc problems. Spinal Disc is not a culprit, most of the times. Main culprits are muscles. When we say mechanical problem. The structure of the spine and location of the disc depends on muscles more. Once we understand all these things we can get an answer for- how to avoid surgery for herniated disc?

Because it is a mechanical problem, thus medicines alone cannot do. We work on a three dimensional approach:

Ayurvedic Medicines to avoid surgery for herniated disc:

Role of medicines is to ensure the balance of three doshas- Vata, Pitta and Kapha. These Doshas play an important role in management of the health. Through medicines we balance the Doshas in a harmony so that there won’t be any pathological process due to all this.

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Panchakarma Treatment to avoid spinal surgery for herniated disc

Panchakarma is all about an Ayurvedic system of therapies. These are not just massages or application of oils on the body. Panchakarma is about removing the toxins, located in the body. This we do either through external therapies like Kati Basti, Greeva Basti or Prushtha Basti. In complicated conditions we use Virechana and Internal Bastis for the treatment purpose.

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Yoga to avoids spinal surgery for herniated disc

We talk a lot about manipulation of the spine. How can we do manipulation of the spine without moving the body. But the movement of the body should be according to your condition and problem. That is why we have specialised Yoga teachers in house who understand your problem and then train you for this.

How to Avoid Surgery for Herniated Disc

So now we have an idea about the planning of the treatment we offer to restore herniated disc with in the spine. The main course of treatment is for 21 days at Sukhayu Ayurved. After that you need to continue the Yoga Asanas and Medicines back at home for about 6 months. After completing the course of the treatment, our patients are doing every kind of jobs.

There are some sprinters, high jumpers, professional wrestlers and also professional cricketers in the list.

If an army personnel can do his duties after the treatment- why cannot you? Share your MRI for study to our physicians and we will let you to know that whether we are able to treat you. How to Avoid Surgery for Herniated Disc- you can better understand once your MRI is studied by our team of professional Ayurveda physicians.