Spinal Disc Surgery: Boon or Bane

Spinal Disc Surgery is a modern day concern.

But what is alternative of spinal disc surgery?

How can we avoid spinal disc surgery?

Is Ayurveda really competent to avoid spinal disc surgery?

This is a big complex. Complex of fears and unwanted thoughts.

When a patient visits the spinal surgeon. Surgeon fears patient. Fear of loss of activity. Fear of loosing all the sensations. And many such things are introduced to a patient that he had to opt for surgery.

Surgery is the only answer to the spinal disc problems, either in lumbar or cervical problems. This is the basic problem with the modern day western medicines. Western medicine is more concerned about surgery alone. They believe in replacement. Even though things can be restored. Thanks, in times of Ayurveda they didn’t have “only” Surgical options for all problems. Surgery was last resort to the problem. And it should be the last only. But due to many reasons- unethical professionalism heads this list on top. Surgery is told as an only option.

Famous: Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

There is a term in surgical world. In association with spinal surgeries. Failed Back Surgery Syndrome. But the marketing instinct of the companies is great. They changed this in to- Failed Back Surgery Syndrome. Translates it to Failed Back Syndrome. So that you and me won’t know about the failure of Surgery.

Failed back syndrome- is a condition which appears post surgery. Even after surgical interventions- pain persists. They call it failed back syndrome. This is the biggest evidence for failure of spinal disc surgeries.

How Often Does Spinal Disc Surgery Fail

Fritsch, Ekkehard W. MD; Heisel, J├╝rgen MD; Rupp, Stefan MD quotes in their famous research on failed back syndrome titled

The Failed Back Surgery Syndrome: Reasons, Intraoperative Findings, and Long-term Results: A Report of 182 Operative Treatments

The reported reintervention rates after lumbar discectomy range from 5% to 33% depending on the type of surgical procedure.

Where reintervention means re-operating or follow up surgery!! More to this the research paper fears about Spinal disc Surgery by concluding

 Laminectomy performed in primary surgery could be detected as the only factor leading to a higher rate of revisions (Re-surgeries). A trend toward poor results after recurrent disc surgery seems to be fateful because of the development of epidural fibrosis and instability.


Same is the outcome from other group of researchers-

Impairment and disability after back surgery is a common diagnostic and therapeutic problem. For the most part the reasons are unclear. Of 178 patients who had undergone laminectomies 2-5 years earlier, 14 patients with good recovery and 21 patients with poor recovery but no evidence of restenosis on computed tomography were selected by the Oswestry index. According to radiologic, neurophysiologic, and muscle biopsy evidence most patients (13 of 15 studied) suffering from the severe postoperative failed back syndrome had dorsal ramus lesions in one or more segments covered by the scar and local paraspinal muscle atrophy at the corresponding segments. Disturbed back muscle innervation and loss of muscular support leads to the disability and increased biomechanical strain and might be one important cause to the failed back syndrome. It may be possible to develop operating techniques that save back muscle innervation better than the usual ones.


Why does Spinal Disc Surgery fail?

Inaccurate diagnosis!! Leaving the root cause of the spinal disc problems as it is. These are the two often causes behind failure of spinal disc surgeries. Disc is not the cause of the problem; always. There are many other reasons behind the spinal disc problems. Muscles, ligaments and bones- many other problems. But due to pin-hole thought process. Surgeons only aim to the disc. This is the one part of the problem. Second is- high level of specialisation. High level of specialisation can be good in some aspects. But when it comes to human body. We need to consider human body as a whole. Lack of this wholesomeness in treatment. Fails the treatment many times. Not only in surgeries. But also in other aspects. Read the link below when you want to understand about the role of disc in the problem.

Disc is not a culprit: A must read for every slip disc patient

Until unless we wont treat cause of a disease. We will have disease inside us. When there is some disease or pathological changes – it will show its impact on the body. But in the rat race everybody of us wants to get rid of the pain. Pain is not bad in case of any disease. Pain tells us that something is not good somewhere. This is the reason at Sukhayu Ayurved while treating your spinal disc problems without surgery we do care about pain. But pain is not the only concern for us.

Avoid Spinal Disc Surgery

In last 12 years of practice at Sukhayu Ayurved with spinal disc patients. We have in total 40% patients who were operated earlier. Even after surgery they were suffering with more or less same condition. Pain, numbness and burning everything was persisting. And amazingly in few cases- condition deteriorated. They were well treated. When patients after  surgery can be treated well- why cannot we avoid spinal disc surgery.

The basic idea is not just to avoid spinal disc surgery. We are mainly concerned about your health. About a life without any disability and difficulties. Main concern is to ensure a freedom from pain.

The results of spinal disc surgery are well known. Surgeons hide bitter truth of failed back syndrome from us. Every patient is just an “expense bearer” for hospitals. Every surgeon knows about the outcomes of surgery. But they never share anything with you and me. Why are we going for surgery? We don’t know. We just want to get better pain free life. That is also a challenge for us.

Ayurvedic treatment for spinal disc is more comprehensive. More result oriented. And also more accurate. Ayurvedic treatment for spinal disc is about complete recovery. Recovery not only from pain. But also from cause behind the problem. Sukhayu Ayurved is a place where we have witnessed best results in all such cases of spinal disc problems through Ayurvedic treatment.