When surgery is a must in a bulged disc

Generally, a fear is imposed in every patient. If you won’t go for immediate surgical option, it will be late. Late means- paralysis, disability etc. There is no parameter for – when surgery is a must in a bulged disc? We are an Ayurveda organisation providing non surgical treatment for bulged disc. But we do ethical practice. We know- when surgery is a must in a bulged disc? This article is about answers of the same.

A Bulged Disc?

A bulging disc occurs when your vertebral disc falls into ruin. It is a state in which the nucleus pulposus, the inner part of the intervertebral disc (shock-absorbing structures between each vertebrae) set about to extend from the inner core to the outer wall of the disc. In this condition, the gel inside pops out like a balloon attached to the disc. When this happens, the nerves and tissues around that area get pressed.

A bulged disc is slightly different from the herniated disc. Here, the gel in the inner core doesn’t leaks out but instead it remains held within the annulus fibrosis. This condition could be compared as a brink to complete disaster.

In the beginning, a bulged disc can be felt by a sudden, severe lower back pain while sitting, bending, lifting, coughing or sneezing. Your doctor may prescribe you some pain killers and bed rest. Later, he might tell you that you are suffering from disc bulge disease and advice you to have a surgery before the problem get worse.

Bulged Disc Treatment Without Surgery

Bulged disc can be cured without surgery. Also, there are different treatments for a disc disorder in Jaipur. Sukhayu provides a complete Ayurveda treatment for this and assures you of absolute recovery. We have an excellent team here to examine the root cause of your problem and counsel you on that basis.

It is always advised to go for an Ayurveda treatment instead of surgery if the condition is not severe. You may not even notice the pain in future ever after the treatment. Panchakarma is the most famous treatment amongst all as it is something which purifies your body from within.

But, what if you don’t go for a therapy? Do you know the consequences there after? Your bulged disc symptoms may subside for some time, but the problem doesn’t.

When surgery is a must in a bulged disc

Our physicians can tell you the intensity of your problem based on the history and present symptoms. They need your MRI scans as well as some details about you to judge better the condition. Some of the indicators of extreme disc injury are:

  • Severe pain in the area affected with nerve compression.
  • Pain in the upper back remitting to the chest or stomach.
  • Trouble in breathing
  • Fullness in abdomen (In case of cervical disc problems)
  • Trouble in walking, heaviness in legs
  • Loss of bladder control and bowel movement (In case of Lumbar Disc problems)

In the worst cases, you may have full damage to the spinal cord. If you start to experience warning signs of chronic disc bulging then it becomes necessary to go for an invasive spine surgery. The surgeons will perform a muscle-sparing course of action in order to remove the bulging portion of the disc that is pinching the nerve.

Surgery has its own risks and after effects but this is the only option left to find relief from life threatening symptoms.

It is always better to never neglect the symptoms of a slipped disc by getting an Ayurvedic natural treatment before it gets worse. You just share your MRI with us and we will let you to know whether you can avoid the spinal surgery. And when surgery is a must in a bulged disc, we will guide you. Because we are abide to your health and wellness.