Slip Disc Treatment Without Surgery

Surgery is a nightmare for that every person who is diagnosed with slip disc. Because it is told that surgery is the only solution for the slip disc. But slip disc treatment without surgery is quite possible. In 12 years more than 12000 patients with slip disc were well treated. This is the reason we say slip disc treatment without surgery is possible. We have evidences. Evidences where we have post treatment MRIs with changes.

This philosophy of slip disc treatment without surgery started back in 2005 at Sukhayu Ayurved. This was not Pain management for us. Generally in Ayurveda everybody thinks that management of the pain is the treatment for slip disk. Not really. Pain management can be done very much easily with allopathy medicines. Utility of Ayurveda is more practical than pain management. When you manage the pain, it might reappear later or sooner. But when you treat the cause of the problem- pain might disappear slowly. But all progress is irreversible.

Slip Disc Treatment Without Surgery

Surgery can save lives. But cannot restore the body. They can replace something inside the body. But all these implants cannot be like the natural human body. Basically problem is with the “economical” approach of hospitals. Surgery is not as oftenly required as it is thought and told. We at Sukhayu are not against surgery. We are just against the unwanted and not required surgeries. 30% of total patients are those at Sukhayu who had undergone surgeries. They come with complications of the surgery or with “zero” effects of the surgeries. MRIs were better before surgery of these patients. Surgeries deteriorated MRIs. Than what is the use of spinal surgery?

Mr. Shiv Prasad and Mr. RameshBhai Patel are just two examples for some one. But they are inspirations for us. They were operated. Their surgeries made their life hell. Ayurveda gave them hope.

All these patients like Shiv and RameshBhai underwent slip disc treatment without surgery even after surgeries. We apply the concept Cause and Effect on all these cases. What is this cause and effect theory? And how is it apply on the slip disc cases?

Cause and Effect Theory and Slip Disc Treatment

If there is some effect- there should be a cause behind that. This is generally overlooked by modern day western sciences. We count on this. When disc bulges. It cannot bulge by its own. There should be some cause behind this. We always investigated all the cases and tried to find out that what is the basic cause behind the disc bulge. There were different cases and different conditions which we kept on working and kept on streaming all the conditions.

Our team studied the complete pathological processes of the bulged disc. Afterwards decided the causes behind these problems according to Ayurveda. We worked on Ayurvedic doshas behind all the pathological processes. We make a process for the whole treatment and give best of Ayurveda on a patient.

For same two cases of Shiv and Rameshbhai- in western medicines they just tried to remove the bulged disc from their spine. Treatment was same for both the patients for them. But cause was different for us according to Ayurveda. Because our target was not just the bulged disc. We targeted the root cause behind the problem. This is the reason we were more accurate in treating both these cases. We always stuck to the basic principles of Ayurveda.

Slip Disc Treatment Without Surgery in Ayurveda

Many think most of the Ayurved and Panchakarma hospitals are just making fake claims when any of us say that slip disc treatment without surgery is possible. This disbelief comes through ignorance. Science is always science. This is the reason we regard allopathy system and surgery both. Principles of Ayurveda made us to do like this.

Ayurveda works on the theory of Dhatus and Doshas. Moment a skilled Vaidya can find out which Dosha is affecting which Dhatu. Most of the work completes here. Because as Ayurveda says – “Rogamaado Parikshet” means you need to diagnose the problem first. When we say diagnosis- this is not about that your C4-C5, C5-C6 or L4-L5, L5-S1 is affected. The question which can answer the problem is- why these discs are bulging? When we can find this, we can do the treatment.

All modern day hospitals are like hub of engineers. They need doctors to cut-open the skin. They never bother about the cause of the problem. In last 12 years there were many patients who came with slip disc but problem was not slip disc alone. Stress was inducing the problem. We understood the problem. Counselling of patient was done to ensure that his stress wont lead his hormones to create some problem in the treatment.

This is the basic reason Sukhayu has best in class results for slip disc patients and we successfully provide slip disc treatment without surgery.