Sciatica Due to Slip Disc

More than 80% cases of slip disc remain undiagnosed, until unless it doesn’t cause pain in lower limb. This pain which radiates or travels in the lower limbs- from hip to toes- is Sciatica. Sciatica due to slip disc, is something which is common. Most of the people have a question in mind that whether these two conditions are associated to each other or not? Does sciatica occur because of the disc problem only? Is there any possibilities of sciatica without disc problem? Whether sciatica due to slip disc is the only thing which needs treatment?

There are many unanswered questions about pain of sciatic nerve. In many cases it is hard for the patient to differentiate the condition of sciatica and slip disc. Here we will try to answer all the related questions about slip disc and sciatica. This article will help you to know that how ayurvedic treatment for slip disc and sciatica works. Therefore read thoroughly the whole article for better understanding of the sciatica due to slip disc.

Sciatica due to slip disc

Herniated/Bulged disc and sciatica are closely associated with each other. How things are associated to understand this- we need to know about sciatic before. Sciatic is a nerve which arises from the lumbo-sacral region of the spine. From L1 to S1 – nerve roots come together and these unite together. This union of nerves is- Sciatic. When pain occurs in this nerve- it is known as sciatica. These nerve roots- arises from lateral foramina. Lateral foramina are spaces. These lateral foramina are present in close association of every disc in lumbar and sacral region. When disc bulges. These spaces reduce. Therefore a herniated or bulged disc when presses these nerve roots- pain radiates down the sciatic nerve- this is known as sciatica.

So compression of these discs because of any pathological reason can cause pain in the sciatic nerve.

But it is not like that every pain in lower limb is associated to sciatic nerve and is sciatica. There are two major nerves- which supply to the lower limb. Front of the leg and inner side of the thigh gets supply from- Femoral nerve. This is the back side of the leg and outer side- where sciatic nerve supplies. But sciatica is a trending word thus every pain which travels in lower limb is – Sciatica for all of us.

Sciatica but no Slip Disc

Yes it is possible. Sciatica pain can occur without bulged or herniated discs too. This is not always that there will be a disc behind every sciatica pain. There are certain other reasons, which can cause sciatica pain. One of the main reason for this is- compression of the nerve due to stiff muscles. This condition is piriformis syndrome.

Piriformis Syndorme

The pain in the center of the bum which can radiate down in leg on back side- along with normal discs is because if piriformis syndrome. Piriformis muscle is located in the base of the pelvic. It connects sacrum and goes up to the femur (bone of the thigh). In patients who run regularly, this muscle is mostly sore and stretched.

Sciatic nerve enters in to the leg through sciatic notch. This is a location just above the belly of the piriformis muscle. When this muscle belly is sore and swollen- it starts irritating the nerve. Thus irritation of sciatic nerve occurs and pain-numbness radiates to the lower limb. This is a condition where all symptoms of sciatica appears but without any disc bulge.

Ayurveda About Sciatica

Ayurveda has detailed the condition of Sciatica under a disease- Grudhrusi. Grudhrusi is a condition where pain radiates to the lower limb from hip. This condition comes under Vata Vyadhi, still Grudhrusi has two variants too. One is where- it is associated with Kapha and other one is- pure Vata.

Therefore in treatment modalities also, a physician should be curious to find out the involvement of the Dosha in case of Grudhrsi. While offering Ayurveda Treatment for Sciatica, our physicians at Sukhayu Ayurved, Jaipur work on the imbalance of the Doshas.

This is the reason we have great results in both the cases- Slip disc due to sciatica or Sciatica without slip disc.