Difference between Slip Disc and Disc Rupture

Everybody thinks that here is no difference between slip disc and disc rupture. Because every patient thinks that slip disc means rupture of disc. But is it so? What is reality in the statements what some “self-proclaimed” doctors make? This article is about drilling down the truth these common slangs about complicated disease of spinal disc. So, lets know about-difference between slip disc and disc rupture!!

Slip Disc: What is it

Slip disc is a not a medical term. Yes you heard right. Slip disc is a common slang among people only. Whatever is the problem with the disc. Commonly we name it- slip disc. If we want to name it, it is nothing. It is claustrum of different states of problem. There are many condition which appear consecutively and these come under one thing and that is- slip disc.

The first point is- desiccation of disc . Once desiccation occurs in a disc, it will degenerate later or sooner. This condition is- degenerative disc disease.

This is basically degenerative disc disease, which turns into different types of spinal disc problems. This degeneration means weakening of the inner jelly like material of the disc. Once this jelly-nucleus pulposus- looses its flexibility and elasticity. It starts moving.

So now what slipped is the jelly of the disc. This jelly starts moving in different and wrong directions where it should not go. So what slips in slip disc is the jelly inside the disc.

Most of the people thinks or they are told that- the whole disc starts moving out of the space- designated for the disc. Nothing like this happens.

When this moved part of jelly is with in the limits of fibres of disc, we name it- Bulge Disc. Moment it breaks and tears the fibrous structure- we refer it as Herniated disc.

So these all are stages of slip disc, a common word used extensively as a common slang.

Ruptured disc

Perhaps the further stages of slip disc where jelly starts oozing out in the canal. What ruptures is the annular fibres of the disc, which makes boundary of the disc. These conditions of disc are different- Herniation of the spinal disc, Extrusion of the disc and last and most complicated one is- Sequestrated disc.

The sequestrated disc is a condition which we don’t treat at Sukhayu Ayurved. Because in this condition- the jelly turns into droplets and these drops fall free in the spinal canal.

Until the level of sequestration, we answer the question- can disc come to natural place– with a big YES!!

So coming to the basic question-

Difference Between Slip Disc and Disc Rupture

The basic difference between slip disc and disc rupture is certainly of the state. Basic problem is- physicians or surgeons mostly label a patient with last stage. Which is neither appropriate nor practically good for the patient.

Education is the base of all medical practices. But nowadays conditions are opposite. Our doctors don’t want to teach us. They just prescribe procedures, medicines and some exercises. They hardly bother about the condition of the patient.

At Sukhayu we believe in holding hand of patient. So that we can bring back the patient to normal of life. This is possible because of more humanitarian and less professional approach of our team. We are professional in providing the services but when it comes to understand you, we believe in being human!!

If you want to know more about our treatments, it is perfect to send us your MRI scans, so that our experts will check all the details and will revert you. And surely you won’t forget now¬†difference between slip disc and disc rupture!!