“Slip disc pain is a common ailment. It usually happens to the people who are in middle age and even more often to those who have a sedentary lifestyle.” Here we are discussing the slip disc pain in detail and the Ayurvedic cure for slip disc.

It means that slip disc pain increases by long hours of sitting in one position. This leads to some injuries such as muscle atrophy and some health conditions like diabetes. In addition, the pain is common among people who love exercising and it’s because of acute injuries.

People usually feel this kind of pain in the lower back and it can be accompanied by numbness and weakness in the legs.

Although slip disc pain might not lead to a serious condition, people would still want to take some actions before the treatment. Modulation of the lifestyle and eating habits helps the patients in the primary stages.

Slip disc cure

What is a normal spinal disc?

“A normal spinal disc consists of three parts: an outside layer, a jelly-like substance, and a strong cartilage ring.”

The cartilage ring is on the inside of the outer layer. It protects the jelly-like substance which is actually located between two cartilage rings. The jelly-like substance can expand to as much as four times its size because it contains water and some nutrients. When this kind of disc absorbs too much weight, such as during exercise or after falling down from bed, it will stretch out and lead to slipping disc pain.

Why does a disc slip?

Slip disc can happen when there is a rupture in the tough fibrous membrane on the back portion of the disc. This might cause some bulging from one side of the spine where there’s a slight movement in between two vertebrae, which then causes pain.

A herniated disc or sometimes called slipped disc can lead to severe discomfort because it puts pressure on nerve roots that lie below this structure.

Symptoms of slip disc

The common symptom for people with slip discs are tingling sensations and weakness in their legs along with acute pain which usually gets worse when they move around much. For those who have persistent pain questions how does a herniated disk feel, doctors would recommend them to undergo an MRI scan so they will be able to find out if they have a slipped disk or not.

It’s important for people in pain to learn ways on how to relieve slip disc symptoms so it can help in their recovery program. Some of them are here.

There are many steps that you need to take when attempting to relieve your slip disc symptoms, which include avoiding activities that can worsen the condition. There are also some good exercises that you can do in order to strengthen the back muscles. Besides this, diet is also an important factor when it comes to recovering from a herniated disk. You need healthy food rich in vitamins and nutrients which will help your body recover faster from injury.

Is the pain the only symptom of a slipped disc?

In most cases, the pain from a slipped disc is accompanied by other symptoms such as back and leg pain. In addition, there are some people who feel numbness in the lower part of their body. There are also some patients who have difficulty controlling their bladder or bowels.

Another sign that you might have a herniated disk is muscle spasm which leads to fatigue after doing any activities that require physical exertion.

Mild slip disc can be relieved with simple treatment at home if you know what you need to do before going for medical help. The good news is that there are ways for those who want to relieve themselves from this kind of condition so they can live a normal life again even without surgical treatment.

The complicated symptoms of a slipped disc?

A slipped disc is a medical condition that affects your spine and can cause severe pain. It’s essential for those who have this kind of condition to go through an MRI scan because it allows doctors to find out if there is any other problem such as the narrowing of the nerve canal which will require more serious treatment.

This condition might also lead to other complications such as herniated nucleus pulposus or even a tumor. This means that you need to fully understand all the symptoms that you might be experiencing so it would be easier for doctors to know what treatments should be done in order to relieve you from slipping disk and its other possible complications.

What causes a slipped disc?

It’s believed by many people that slip discs happen due to the natural process of aging. But the truth is, slip discs can happen at any age even to children who are still in their early years due to a previous injury.

Some people also believe that a person’s occupation might make them more prone to slipping discs because of lifting heavy objects or putting too much stress on their back muscles. While it is true that this condition can be caused by activities such as these, there are some people who suffer from slipped discs without having done anything they think might have brought about this kind of medical condition.

Don’t focus on pain, focus on slipped disc Cure

Most doctors would recommend surgery for the treatment of slip discs because it’s the best way to deal with this kind of medical condition. The problem is, most people are afraid to undergo an operation because they don’t want to experience pain after the procedure. There are some patients who believe that there are other ways on how you can relieve your slipped disc symptoms without having to have an operation.

But before deciding on whether or not you should go through surgery, it’s important for you to know what options are available so if ever you decide that you only want natural treatments, then at least you will be aware of all the choices available so you can compare which one works better for your case.

There are many things that contribute to a patient’s recovery process and one of them is making sure you will be doing the right activity to strengthen your muscles again after suffering from a slipped disc.

Some people think that they can simply go back to their normal lives after having this kind of condition, but the truth is, there are some activities that might make things worse. You need to avoid moving or doing any activity that will cause further strain on your body. It’s best if you just eat healthy food with vitamins that contain magnesium which relaxes the muscles so they will not contract anymore after an injury which may worsen the pain.

Ayurvedic Treatment of Slipped Disc?

It is always recommended to go through natural treatments as much as possible because it’s the best way for you to regain back your overall health without experiencing pain. If you think all those medical procedures that are recommended by doctors are expensive, then you should know that there are other ways on how you can treat slipped discs at home or even mix them with other forms of alternative treatment so you would be able to get better results in just a matter of time.

Slip disc isn’t something that can kill someone but what makes this condition worse than any other disease is because it causes pain which could prevent an individual from living his or her life to the fullest. You need not wait until the moment when the pain gets too unbearable before taking action and especially if it is already affecting your everyday life .

You can visit the site of Vaidya Dr. Pardeep’s Sukhayu Ayurved (Consult with Dr. Pardeep) for more information on how you can treat slipped disc naturally and follow his tips on how to avoid this condition especially if you spend most of your time sitting down.

Learn about Treatment of Slipped Disc with Ayurvedic Medicines?

Bringing back the normal life to your disc: with Ayurveda

If you want to be back in shape within no time, then you need to know which parts of your body are weak and make sure that when concentrating on your exercises, you will also focus on the muscles in the affected area. Make sure that if ever something is hurting you while doing an exercise, then stop right away so you won’t hurt yourself further.

Once you feel that your slipped disc has improved enough for you to go back into doing some exercise again, try starting with yoga because it’s considered as one of the safest forms of physical activity. But if ever things get worse before it gets better when trying out yoga, then maybe you need to take a break for a while so there will be no more slip discs in your future.

Ayurveda offers not only symptomatic relief: But it is Cure

Not only will you be able to treat slipped disc back into shape, but you are also preventing yourself from having another one because it’s important that you get enough rest after each exercise. Always remember that your muscles need time to heal and strengthen to avoid any kind of pain in the future.

There are still many people who believe that they can simply take painkillers for this condition but did you know that taking pills won’t make things better because it actually slows down the process of healing? Ayurveda is one of the best alternatives when it comes to treating diseases especially if there is no more chance for surgeries or injections.

Also, keep in mind that Ayurvedic treatments may not give immediate results so never lose hope and be patient. This is a holistic approach that focuses on the treatment of this medical condition from head to toe and there’s no need for you to worry about any side effects because it only consists of natural ingredients.

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How to Avoid Slipped Disc?

Ayurveda can treat slipped discs naturally by using herbal remedies with no chemical content so they won’t produce negative side effects in your body. Not just that, but herbal treatments are also available at affordable prices so anyone could afford them even if they don’t have insurance anymore.

The hope for Ayurvedic treatment is based on the experience of 15 years and more than 20,000 patients.

At Sukhayu Ayurved, what we focus on is- treatment of the problem, not just the simple suppression of just the symptoms.

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