Weight Loss to Treat Slipped Disc

Every person who faces the slip disc or any spinal problem might have faced this opinion of loosing weight. Almost everybody suggests weight loss to treat slipped disc.

And this advice is given to a person who cannot stand and walk properly.

This seems to be just an excuse for the surgery. Perhaps every surgeon knows it better that an almost disabled person cannot loose weight. This is something very strange that they either talk about loosing weight or complete bed rest for slip disc? The questions like-

“I have L4-L5, L5-S1 slipped disc and neurosurgeon clearly shared with me that I dont need any surgery. Instead he has asked me to focus on weight loss but I still have some pain and I am scarred of running and lifting weights. How can I lose weight?”

Weight Loss to Treat Slipped Disc

There seems a confusion with surgeons too.

If we believe that alone the obesity theory for slipped disc is correct, then there should not be any problem with “fit” and “thin” people?

Above this when we say that slipped disc is a common condition for people who are inactive physically?

Then what about sports persons, army personnel? Yes, we are talking about those who never had spine injuries?

There seems a great confusion…..not the little one.

Weight Loss to Treat Slipped Disc

First we need to understand that this is not the body weight alone- responsible for slipped disc!! Secondly, we need to ensure that what we want to achieve through weight loss.

In last 12 years I have seen hundreds of patients who lost weight to treat their slipped disc. But only ended up with lower weight and higher pain.

Body weight is an issue, for sure. We cannot accept extra pounds. But what is the logic…no clinical data is present to support this approach.

Most of the slip disc patients we had at Sukhayu in last 12 years, they come with normal body weight.

Yes many reported that they gained weight because of the complete bed rest? So the theories of weight loss to treat slipped disc is not something very practical.

Loosing Weight With Slipped Disc

When you look for something like this questions there are many options for this. Swimming, walking and some other things are suggested frequently for loosing weight with slipped disc.

But when it comes to an old lady of 55 plus years, how can she loose weight with pain?

So basically if you are a family member who torture a patient of slipped disc for weight loss. Then please wait. Weight cannot reduce in a day or two. It takes time.

The old treated patients when they were able to walk and do the physical activities. They always lost weight. Loosing weight is a good thing after the treatment, not during the treatment.

If we look at Ayurvedic references for the treatment of a Vata Vyadhi, than it goes opposite to the thought of the weight loss. When we try to give Ayurvedic treatment for herniated disc, we oleate the body, relaxes the muscles. Opposite to this- weight loss will surely stiffen the muscles. Which is not good for the treatment of the slipped disc. So according to Ayurveda it is not wise to go for weight loss to treat slipped disc.