Bed Rest : How Good-How Bad in Slipped Disc

Out of 10, 7 disabled patients come to Sukhayu after bed rest for slip disc. This is the reason, it becomes our duty to educate you about the good or bad about bed rest for slip disc.

The first advise in case of the slipped disc for any of the patients will be- BED REST! People usually come to us after a complete bed rest of months. And we found them suffering-crying from pain in most of the cases. But in few cases there will be persons who tell that there was less pain for few days while and after the complete bed rest for slip disc. Here is what team Sukhayu has found after 11 years of experience

Bed Rest for Slip Disc: Does Science Support this?

There is no scientific reason with proclaimed scientific people (modern day doctors) to ask for complete bed rest for slip disc.  Reason is very simple and non-scientific- it hurts when body moves. So ask the patient for complete bed rest and give him pain killers!  This is the lamest reason, why we are asked to go for bed rest for slip disc.


There are no evidences that going for bed rest works for someone. There won’t be any relief due to the bed rest. So if you think that after a bed rest for few days, you will revive and your problem will go away, forget. It won’t set your prolapsed disc at all. Your doctor just wish to give you some sort of comfort, nothing else.

Does bed rest help in the slip disc


Bed rest for slip dischas a lot of bad things associated with it-

  • When you stay in bed for longer periods, it will invite stiffness in your muscles. Which is a basic cause of slipped disc otherwise. So you are aggravating the disease, not finding the cure of the back pain. This will make harder for you to bend and do any physical activities
  • Your body becomes lazy, bed rest for slip disc brings bad digestion with it and makes the things worst than ever before. Your body doesn’t get proper nourishment and become weaker day by day.
  • By lying in bed your spine distorts regularly.
  • You muscles will be weaker due to no use of the muscles and will worsen the problem day by day.
  • Your body will become more and more helpless day by day.

The only good thing about the bed rest for slip disc is, once you are in bed and not moving- you wont have pain associated with the movements! 

It is better to be treated for 15-21 days then to be in bed for same period. We at Sukhayu Ayurveda can give you proper cure of the condition with in a span of 15- 21 days. You need to stay with us at our facilities.

If you want to have a permanent solution for your slip disc, please share your MRI with us through contact us page and we will update you about all possible treatment with us. But don’t manage pain by doing just bed rest for slip disc.