Slipped Disc Treatment without Surgery in India

INDIA! An oldest culture, oldest civilisation and older than that- scripted knowledge Vedas.  In the same knowledge of Vedas- a complete science for maintaining health and for curing the problems was introduced. The same knowledge today we know as AYURVEDA. Ayurveda is timeless, time-tested and safest system of medicine. Ayurveda offers complete cure for the different problems.

When in today’s era, every newest trick fail. We have to look at the ancient wisdom. Same applies to the health. When spinal surgery proved as bane, now everybody wants to get some solution for the slipped disc cases from Ayurveda. Because the original and authentic Ayurveda comes from India. Thus everybody looks for slipped disc treatment without surgery in India.

Slip Disc a New Age Disease

A spinal disc serves as a cushion between the two vertebrae, is a well-built structure that act as a shock-absorber in the spine. If you look at the normal spine model, you will find that the outer layer of the spinal disc is quite robust and thick within which a gel like watery material lies accommodated. The gel, nucleus pulposus inside the outer layer, provides lubrication that makes the flexibility and movement of our body smooth.

When the outer part of the disc degenerates, the inner part can damage. When the problem rises up, the outer shell tears apart causing the disc to bulge or rupture. This is- disc herniation.

A surgical treatment is suggested based on diagnostic testing result. Surgeries can improve the condition but won’t heal the problem completely.

Slipped Disc Treatment without Surgery in India

In year of 2006 three professionals of Ayurveda established a small centre in a 8X8 feet room in Jaipur. This was named before four types of Age- Sukhayu! Because till than there were no treatment centre of Ayurveda in Jaipur. Jaipur was a destination for travellers’ Ayurveda. What spa-hotels were providing same Panchakarma clinics were doing. Treatment and helping the patient remained a target for Sukhayu.

We are providing the treatment for different ailments. But with time we are a hub for slipped disc treatment without surgery in India. Perhaps this is the only Ayurvedic hospital where people travel far from southern India. In last 12 years we had patients from Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra pradesh, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland….you name the state and city- we can name the patient and problem. This journey changed the things, now we have 2000 Sq Feet clinic in Jaipur city and a 20,000 sq feet hospital in outskirt of Jaipur city.

Best Slipped Disc Treatment without Surgery

Sukhayu – treatment with Ayurveda is an Ayurvedic hospital in Jaipur with proficiency in slipped disc treatment without surgery in India. We provide extensive range of Ayurvedic treatments that focus on healing of your problem from root. Our team is professional, caring and great at what they do and provide best treatment to heal your life.

Sukhayu, is a world-class team with dedicated doctors and specialists that would provide you a well-nourished and regenerated life experience. We want to give you the pleasure to get back to your normal routine after the treatment.

Go home refreshed and feel stronger connection to yourself. It’s incredible how Panchakarma treatment has worked for even chronic stages of slipped disc problems. It’s a private heaven session that lets you feel the joy. Sukhayu Ayurveda and Panchakarma Center is set to relieve your pain and triumph over stress the Ayurvedic way!