There are parts in the spine called discs that reduce the weight of the body to the bone structure. They also absorb shock and help in mobility. The health of your spine determines the wellness of the entire body.

How often do you think about what is being said?

How much time have you given for listening?

These actually play a vital role in how healthy your spine is! Though, it might seem like a small thing. But may not be so if proper attention is not given. There are certain factors responsible for spinal problems and most common among them all lies stress. The spine does not get rest while working under pressure constantly. This is the cause behind facing issues day by day which can lead to back pain or injury. Identify stressors in your life. And try to avoid them if you can, it will surely help your spine remain healthy.

The spine is directly related to the origin of energy which leaves a positive effect on overall health. Maintain a good lifestyle and follow certain precautions as mentioned below to maintain spinal wellness:

Taking Care Spinal Wellness

Maintain Right Posture

– For everyday activities such as bathing or exercise, ensure you are keeping your head straight. Avoid strain by bending forward or backward while driving the car or doing household chores. This will reduce stress on your neck that might result in back problems later in life. Also, try not to bend down frequently. Because this sort of action may cause curvature of the cervical region. This all together may lead to headaches and pain in the shoulders too.

How to keep your spine healthy while sitting in a chair

Change Posture Properly

– Never stand up from a sitting position by extending your legs first, instead slowly raise your torso and then rest your hands on the chair or wall to support yourself. This will keep the spine aligned and help avoid any form of back injury.

Eat-in Right Posture

– Do not eat or drink while sitting position. Either stand up with the support of furniture. When possible which is generally good in India for a long time, or sit on a chair. Eating habit has changed rapidly now where people prefer eating while seated casually but this can lead to constriction of airways, which may further result in respiratory problems such as asthma. So it is advised to change at least for some days if you are suffering from any chronic disease that requires frequent eating habits during travel like cough, bronchitis, etc.

10 Reasons for disturbed spine curvature

Sleeping in right way

– While sleeping on the bed do not stretch your legs upward or keep them hanging in the air as these positions are responsible for compression of the spine.

– While sitting bend your knees towards the chest to stretch your spine and take a deep breath which will elongate the spinal cord, releasing any trapped air from the spinal column. This may result in a relaxing sensation which may further lead to pain relief or cure headache.

Eat Properly

Carefully read labels while purchasing food. Always prefer fresh fruits and vegetables over preserved or canned products. Canned foods may not be so healthy once you are familiar with them. Their ingredients and preservatives are used to preserve them for a longer time. It might seem more convenient but are actually more harmful if consumed regularly. So opt for fresh foods always whatever the season!

A healthy diet will help you put less stress on the back and spinal cord. And also helps in keeping your mind clear, sharp, and focused. So try to avoid salty food, sugar, fried food. Always prefer herbal teas to coffee and other drinks containing alcohol. These may contribute to the slow degeneration of the nervous system in long run. This leads to various health issues even cancer if consumed regularly or over a prolonged period of time.

Food for Slip Disc Patient

Rather than sitting on any hard surface such as concrete. It is always better to opt for soft surfaces like sofas and carpets. This will help avoid pressure marks on your spine and will also have a good impact on the overall health and wellbeing of the spine.

Exercise Carefully

– To prevent stress make sure you take ample rest after a heavy workout in the gym or exercise at home. This applies when engaging yourself with physical activities more often which involves lifting weights, running, etc. Even if you are not suffering from any chronic disease. But want to remain healthy then these tips should be followed. The spine may continue working smoothly without a hitch even after many years. It has been taken care of properly from a young age itself.

Hold your spine erect by the daily practice of pranayama. Take care to see that shoulders are proper, in alignment with back during the performance of asanas (yogic postures). This should follow by deep breathing at least 5 minutes each day in the morning routine. This will help strengthen the lungs along with the spinal cord reducing stress in the long run.

Don’t Stress for healthy spine

Always keep a positive frame of mind. It helps reduce stress on the spine leaving no scope for any anxiety build-up. Which directly relate to spine health issues such as nerve compression. Nerve compression that causes pain or loss of sensation associated with it later. Ayurveda has proved that there exist three types of stimuli that can affect us either positively or negatively. These are Trida (tristimulus) which can be of physical, chemical, or mental nature. So always keep in mind that whatever you see with your eyes, listen with ears, or smell with a nose should not affect our psyche. In any way influencing the positive and negative effects on overall body health.

Meditation is the best stress buster. Or if possible make friends who share similar interests. As it releases endorphins which act as natural painkillers for all types of ailments such as arthritis, insomnia, anxiety etc. Not to forget the emotional stress may lead to depression. And other ailments due to prolonged stress on spine or brain. It affects its overall functionality causing pain in some cases or loss of sensation associated with it later.

Don’t rely on the information

In case of any spine-related problem then do not self-medicate. Rather consult a doctor for proper treatment since some medications can result in severe problems if used without knowledge. Seek professional help for problematic areas even after consulting a physician once. Take medicines exactly as prescribed by a physician particularly those containing steroids because they have more side effects than benefits so make sure you discuss all these with your doctor before taking any.

Vaidya Pradeep Sharma (MD)

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