Is Slip Disc Curable Without Surgery?

Vaidya Pradeep Sharma

Vaidya Pardeep Sharma shares that how Slipped Disc is curable without surgery through Ayurveda where western sciences are saying again and again that  there is a “necessity” and unavoidable condition of Spinal Surgery. Here is an interview with our chief physician on the different questions regarding Slipped Disc and other Spinal Problems. Here we go…..

What is slipped disc and why it is so common nowadays?

Slipped disc is a condition where, the disc in between the vertebral bodies disturbs due to some reasons. This is very common nowadays, but it becomes alarming when the bulged or slipped disc starts pressing or compressing any adjoining nerves in the region.

What is the difference in between Slipped Disc and Sciatica?

In more than 80% cases cause of sciatica is slip disc, but it is not always important that slip disc will cause sciatica. Bulged disc will cause sciatica only in case when it occurs in the lumbar or lumbosacral regions of the spine (Low back) but not always. If one of the disc is bulged in neck region (cervical) it will cause pain and other symptoms like – numbness, tingling etc. in the upper arm/chest or it can cause giddiness, vertigo also. So there is a relation, but not always.

What are the causes behind Slip Disk/Herniated Disc?

The root cause in 80% odd cases is- straightening of the spinal column which might be written in the MRI scan report as Spondylosis or Loss of Lordosis in medical terminology. Because once you straighten a curve, its length will increase but our trunk/back or neck is of fixed length. So once length is increased it occupies the increased length from the intervertebral spaces where a disc ( balloon filled with some jelly like structure) is situated.

Once this space is reduced by any forces this will certainly exert some pressure on the disc. Just imagine a balloon in your hands filled with some jelly and press it from both the sides….it will protrude in the free space on any side. Same happens to the Intervertebral Disc and after dislocation this will  start compressing the nerves. Now which ever nerve is compressed by this, there will be symptoms associated with the same nerve, in low back it shows symptoms of sciatica in upper limb it can cause symptoms with Median/Radial or Ulnar nerve.

What are the causes behind this straightening of the Spine?

First is- dryness which is caused by the diet and lifestyle. We hate fats, because we only love our heart and it hurts rest of the body. We need to learn how to consume fats rather than to total avoidance of the fats from our diet- this is one thing. Secondly, this is the excess use of Air Conditioning nowadays which has distorter our “thermostat” system of the body and left us in agony of such pain.

You just ask every patient of Slipped Disc and most of them will say that this was “Stiffness” in the starting days which changed into continuous pain and problem like Slip Disc.

Why dryness of the body causes slipped disc, it is not clear?

Dryness-stiffens the body, as said above! Once your muscles stiffens, these will pull the spine on both or either side which will cause the distortion of the spinal axis. It causes straightening of the spine which causes changes in the disc. And affected disc or slip disc translates all these conditions to the pain, numbness, burning – slipped disc at end of the day.

Is  Slip Disc Curable without Surgery?

Yes, Obviously!! We know the cause. Western Sciences are just confused they are trying to find the Slip Disc cure without surgery of the problem with disc/spinal column- they are objective, not subjective. For a western doctor problem can be related to the lumbar/cervical/dorsal regions but for Ayurveda this is your body which is suffering. This is not only about your vertebral column alone. Respect the body, if you want to heal your body and want to make it pain free. Take body as a whole, the day they will start thinking in a “Wholistic” way, this will certainly change their perception about the diseases too.

What is the pattern of Sukhayu Ayurveda in treating the condition? Why Sukhayu Jaipur is so unique?

At Sukhayu Ayurveda, we have worked hard with full dedication under the Authentic Guidelines of Ayurveda. Without changing any of these…which makes it possible for us to deliver the best results in this category. We have developed a three dimensional method of treatment where we use- Ayurveda+Panchakarma and Yoga all together to make  Slip Disc is curable without surgery .

How much time does it take to cure the condition?

About 4 to 5 months.

One need to be religious and regular with all that what we tell them. We show the path, a patient needs to follow, this is all mutual. Failure of a case mostly awards to the physicians but patients are also responsible for their health and mutually we can do the wonders in terms of western sciences….routine in Ayurvedic terminology.

Does treatment of slip disc is scientific at Sukhayu Ayurved?

YES, it is 1001% Scientific.

Because Ayurveda is a science, so are we. At Sukhayu we strictly follow Authentic Ayurveda!

We don’t do magics.

We have proven scientific results.

What is your opinion about Surgery for this condition?

In western science they are engineering based people, completely mechanical- they believe in removing and replacing.

But being  Ayurvedic persons- I believe and love to- restore, recreate and replenishment. Second option is hard to achieve, hard to follow but this is natural, this is the way we should be.

Painkillers and surgeries are easiest and quick way to get rid of the pains, isn’t it so?

Yes it is so! There is a mild difference in revolution and reforms. Revolutions are quick, these happen all of sudden, without planning, without any directions. Revolution can fall on either side of the line- good and bad both the ways. But when these are reforms, these will certainly lead us to the good, to the best. Reforms are well planned, happen for a cause, with a direction and whatever changes take place in these will be final..irreversible. Same is the difference between- Allopath (western medicines) and Ayurveda.

We believe in reforms, they believe in revolutions.

We are slow, they are quick.

Ayurveda love to recreate, Allopathy believe to replace.

We give delayed results, but these are irreversible and are safe with western medicines it is “hardly” safe.

See they give Gabapentin (they researched for these epilepsy)  and they are using in neural pains. They are not working with directions. They believe – it may happen. Ayurveda says,- it is sure- it will happen! So choice is of a patient, what he want a revolution or some reforms!

How much cost effective is treatment of Slipped disc with Ayurveda?

It is 1000% cost affective. First thing- you never expose yourself to unwanted risks of surgery. This is the biggest advantage with Ayurvedic Cure for Slip disc. The total expenses on the treatment is 50% lesser than the normal expenditure on the Surgery. And that too without putting yourself into risk of a spinal surgery.

Is Ayurveda against Surgery, for every condition?

No, this is Ayurveda which invented surgery before western medicines came into existence.

But in Ayurveda Surgeries are for wellness of the patients, not for running hospitals and making money.

We refer many patients for surgeries. Where there were requirements. But it cannot be a thumb rule both the ways!

Does Sukhayu Ayurveda has some secret Remedies for Slip disc?

Yes, the most secret remedy with us is our faith in Ayurveda.

Our team, our dedication for Ayurveda, nothing can be divine and worthy than this for us.