Problems due to wearing Lumbar belt

Your car is making knocking noise. Park it somewhere and you won’t hear the knocking noise. This is what they do with muscular fixation through lumbar belts. Because while moving the muscles and back- pain due to slip disc increases.

So fix it.

Don’t let the body move?

Is this the real solution for problem?

What is this approach?

And on other end they never share about problems due to wearing lumbar belt. Let’s discuss impact and problems due to wearing lumbar belts, in detail.

Due to our busy lifestyle and sitting job at a desk, our body is likely to develop back pain problems which in turn affect our lifestyle. There are many types of back pain and so are the treatments depending on the intensity of the problem. Study says that more than 80 percent of people go through severe back aches once in their lifetime. Heredity, accidents and degeneration are some of the major causes of slipped disc problems.

What is Lumbosacral belt

A Lumbosacral Belt, also known as back braces or back corsets, is a spinal support extensively used in lower back pain due to various conditions. These belts come in different designs, sizes and materials providing good support to spines. They are made up of breathable elastics and helps in improving your posture. It plays a significant part in the recovery of your back injury.

Back Belt (Lumbosacral Belt) is widely used as a saviour for the prevention of back pain. People use Lumbosacral Belt because of inflammation of a joint, injury or simply use it as a protection cover to help the back from prospective injury.

It is insisted that Lumbosacral Belt reduces back pain and improves the current condition of the patient. It is a good idea to use back belts for 1-2 days to support your spine but using it for a longer duration of time would impact your body negatively. Unrestricted use of a back belt should be kept away. Instead, exercising and guarded lifting approach must be taken on for muscle strengthening and preventing back injuries.

Problems due to wearing Lumbosacral Belts

The main problems due to wearing lumbosacral belts are here…

  • The back braces are rigid. They should be brought in correct sizes as they have risks if not placed rightly.
  • Patients by time get dependent on back belts as they are easy and comfortable. It should be used under doctor’s prescription. If used excessively, it can weaken the supportive spinal muscles.
  • Use of back belts for longer period of time can cause increase in blood pressure and heart rate.
  • Abnormal lump, soreness on the skin.
  • Gastrointestinal disorders.
  • Incorrect size of lumbo sacral belts can affect influence in recovery.
  • Muscle stiffness.

Lumbosacral Belts must be very good, can provide you support whilst enhancing confidence in you. Yet we advise you to try natural treatment for slip disc problem instead of wearing belts which can make more harm than good. It is recommended that one should not use a back belt for prolonged time. Along with this, adopting a proper form and posture is very important. Whatsoever, don’t use supportive belts unless it is highly required and prescribed by your doctor.