Karan was just 22 years when he came to us for the treatment for l5-s1 slip disc with sciatica. In such young age, it was a challenge for Karan to stand upright and walk for few steps. This all started some 3 years back then the day he came to us. This is the basic problem with everybody that we take body as granted. Due to this we keep on using this or that cream to just pacify the pain. But pain is not the main problem in cases of slip disc or sciatica. This is the cause of problem, which causes L5-S1 slip disc with sciatica.

Due to this “ignorance” towards cause. We keep on complicating the case. And this is more because of fear of spinal surgery. We hardly find proper alternate to spinal surgery. Therefore the untrained methods of treatment are used. These manual compressions and stretches keep on complicating the cases. Same happened with Karan.

L5-S1 Slip Disc with Sciatica

Slip disc is not a scientific term. The main reading of the MRI in case of Karan was following-

  1. Loss of lumbar lordosis
  2. Degenerative changes in L3-L4 and L4-L5 spinal discs
  3. Disc herniation in L5-S1 leading to secondary canal stenosis.

Now the main problem in this case was- patient’s major symptoms were coming from L5-S1 and everybody was suggesting for surgery of L5-S1. But no body suggested or guided the patient about the L3-L4 and L5-S1!

Second problem was- overlooking the fact that loss of lordosis was leading to all the complications and problems with Karan. The manual stretch and manipulation by some untrained unprofessional people just complicated this disc herniation in L5-S1. This L5-S1 compression was causing pain in sciatic nerve in case of Karan.

With all these changes and complications when, Karan came to us. He just wanted to get rid of the pain. Treatment for L5-S1 Slip Disc with Sciatica was none of his business. Whenever we wanted to counsel him, he will just say- “I don’t understand anything, I just want to get rid of the pain”.

It was hard to offer proper Treatment for L5-S1 Slip Disc with Sciatica to this case because of pain in lower limb. This pain was not allowing him to sleep regularly for 30 minutes in Panchakarma table.

Treatment for L5-S1 Slip Disc with Sciatica

For treatment for L5-S1 slip disc with sciatica, we started working on the stability of the patient first. Lepam was done to the patient so that he can be stable and we can go for Panchakarma procedures in a better way. The main concern in case of Karan was- stiffness of the lower back muscles which was regularly disturbing the treatment.

The main planning of the treatment for L5-S1 slip disc with sciatica was to balance the doshas in the first stage. Later on we worked on rectification of the lost lordosis, so that spinal disc at L5-S1 can get its desired space and can breathe normally. In the video below you can find the way Karan changed completely.

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