L2-L3, L4-L5 Secondary Spinal Canal Stenosis along with disc bulge in L3-L4 was the report of Mr. Vikash Aggarwal. When it comes to spinal disc problems, it is a nightmare for every patient. But when it appears in an early age as happened with Vikash Aggarwal. It was not just a simple slip disc for him. It was canal stenosis at L2-L3 and L4-L5 levels. Along with that L3-L4 disc bulge was also there. In simple words L3-L4 was also supposed to bring the canal stenosis later on sooner. Surgery was bigger nightmare for him. Therefore he decided to go for Ayurvedic treatment for L2-L3, L4-L5 secondary spinal canal stenosis.

L2-L3, L4-L5 Secondary Spinal Canal StenosisAyurvedic Treatment for L2-L3, L4-L5 Secondary Spinal Canal Stenosis

The MRI of the Vikash Aggarwal read like this-

Significant posterocentral disc prolapse noted at L4-L5 encroaching anterior spinal canal & IVNF on both & left side probably compressing the traversing nerve roots. Prolapse is leading to secondary canal stenosis at L4-L5 (10.8 mm).

Pre-existing bony canal stenosis seen at L2 (11.4 mm) & L3 (10.8mm).

Impression of the MRI, L4-L5 with secondary spinal canal stenosis + Disc bulge at L3-L4 without secondary spinal canal stenosis.

Pre existing bony canal stenosis at L2-L3 level.

After looking at the MRI, everybody suggested to go for surgery alone. Surgery was the only option in front of him. And he was wondering that there is some treatment for L2-L3, L4-L5 Secondary Spinal Canal Stenosis or he will have to drag his life like that only.

Symptoms of L2-L3, L4-L5 Secondary Spinal Canal Stenosis

The main symptom with Vikash Ji was-

  • Complete loss of sensation below the knee joint in right leg.
  • Severe low back ache
  • Tingling sensation in the pelvic region.
  • Incontinence of urine at several times.

With these all symptoms, life was like hell for him. When it was time for progressing the carrier, he was struggling with complicated conditions like canal stenosis and that too on two levels.

Ayurvedic Treatment for L2-L3, L4-L5 Secondary Spinal Canal Stenosis

When everything fails, every head turns to Ayurveda. This is a problem or achievement- it is hard to say. The 21 days at Sukhayu for Vikash Ji proved miraculous. The strength in lower lim returned. He was not dragging the leg. There was just a little change in the incontinence of urine.

During the 21 days, Virechana, Basti, Kati Basti and Lepam- everything was planned in a proper way for him for Ayurvedic treatment of canal stenosis.

After 6 months of Ayurvedic Treatment for L2-L3, L4-L5 Secondary Spinal Canal Stenosis, when he returned to Sukhayu to meet and great everybody. We were not able to recognise him, because of his walking style. The experience he shared with us, is here-

If you are also suffering with Lumbar canal stenosis and don’t want to go for surgery. Then just share you MRI with us or visit Sukhayu with all your reports, so that we will be able to comment on all the possibilities of treatment for you.


Vaidya Pradeep Sharma (MD)

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