T9-T10 Disc Problem

One in thousands persons faces the problem with T9-T10 disc. The T9-T10 slip disc is uncommon and more uncommon in comparison to the lower two discs than the T9-T10; means T10-T11 and T11-T12. Spinal disc is bigger and thicker in this space, this might be one reason why problem dont appear much in this segment. The main angle for the movement in the core goes from this place. Thus it is important to manage this place well. Every time when there is some problem, they suggest surgery. But Ayurveda is more promising in providing non surgical treatment for T9-T10 slip disc.

Therefore, at Sukhayu Ayurveda we work on the spinal muscles and ligaments. Here in the region of T9-T10 vertebrae kyphotic curvature bends to align with the lumbar region. The main problem in this area is- wedging of the vertebrae and fracture of the vertebral body rather than the problems with the disc.

All about T9-T10 Slip Disc

Pain in the middle back, which deteriorates with coughing, laughing and even with yawning. Pain occurs in a band like structure if there is only T9-T10 slip disc. Because this condition appears in a group where more than 2 discs suffer at a time. Thus specific symptoms of a particular T9-T10 slip disc.

Trauma is the primary cause behind T9-T10 Slip disc and this trauma can lead to fracture at the level of T9-T10. Incase of fracture the condition becomes more complicated. Because this condition causes paraplegia and patient looses the control on the urine and stool.

Non Surgical Treatment for T9-T10 Slip Disc

When it is all about slip disc alone than non surgical treatment for T9-T10 slip disc is more practical as an option. Because in case of some problems with the spine, it is always better to avoid surgical interventions. When it comes to the non surgical treatment for T9-T10 slip disc through ayurvedic methods, we have a strong exclusion and inclusion criteria for the patients.

At Sukhayu Ayurved, we don’t take patients of spinal fractures- even these are compression fractures- because we could not give better results to the patients in such cases. We understand our limitations. For non surgical treatment for T9-T10 slip disc we work on the three dimensional approach of our specially designed treatment plan. In this we incorporate- Ayurvedic Medicines, Panchakarma treatments and Yoga Asanas.

If you are looking for non surgical treatment for T9-T10 slip disc than share your MRI with us so that we can revert you about the treatment of the condition.