Specialized Ayurvedic treatment for Slipped Disc

The only place where we have answers for questions like- can disc restores to its place and can complete recovery for spinal disc problem is possible? And these answers are in YES. There are thousands of Ayurveda centres which are working on Ayurvedic treatment for slipped disc. But Sukhayu is a way ahead and is an established Ayurveda hospital for specialised Ayurvedic treatment for slipped disc.

The main thing which makes us- a place for specialised Ayurvedic treatment for slipped disc is- RESULTS!! The main thing in any treatment should be- Results. But results can be full of risks and complications. So the next point is risk-free and safe. The Ayurvedic treatment for slip disc, we provide at Sukhayu is- result oriented, safe and risk free.

A tinge of pain can be very exasperating. What if the pain doesn’t heal and keep expanding? It can be an uncomfortable feeling. You go to doctor and he examines your problem, and tells you that you are suffering from slipped disc disease.

What is a slipped disc?

A slipped disc is a condition in which the outer layer of the disc between the spinal bones wears off or cracks. Due to which the inner core of the disc flows out or bulges. When the nucleus pulposus, a jelly like inner part of the disc flows out, it puts pressure on the nerve root passing through the spinal canal. This condition is – disc herniation. Contrarily, a disc bulges when the disc nucleus does not leak out and forms a small bubble and peak into the spinal canal. In disc bulge, no tear or split is present within the outer layer of the disc.

Almost everyone believes that there cannot be any solution for slipped disc other than surgery. But spinal surgery has its own complications and outcomes. And Ayurveda is more promising in providing the complete solution for the slip disc problem. In that also, at Sukhayu Ayurved we have worked hard to achieve better understanding of spine, in terms of Ayurveda. So that we can provide specialized Ayurvedic treatment for slip disc cases.

Specialised Ayurvedic treatment for Slipped Disc

Specialization is a criteria of the physicians. How do we understand a case, what tools we use to solve a case and what approach we have- these are three points which are important in every case. For ensuring the specialized results. We have understood all these points well in case of spinal disc problems, thus we can say- we are providing specialized ayurvedic treatment for slipped disc.

There are three points in this-

Better understanding of spine

This is the most important part to learn. Before commenting on the process and results of treatment. There are many people, when you ask them to show the MRI in details and clear everything about your problem- they are clueless. They just work on the written reports. We don’t. We study the MRI properly, understand and educate the patient about this all. This is possible with meritorious well educated physicians at Sukhayu.

Standardised Panchakarma Procedures

Kati Basti, Greeva Basti or it can be Patra Pinda Swedana- everything seems same at every place. It is not with Sukhayu. We have standardised all the treatments and procedures. So that we can ensure proper results through our treatment.

Best Quality Medicines

This is a biggest drawback with Ayurveda. Original medicines and herbs are not available easily. Sukhayu Ayurved has taken this initiative where we are procuring the herbs and preparing medicines by ourselves. We are 40% of this process and trying to achieve 100% self prepared medicines.

Slipped Disc Treatment at Sukhayu Ayurved, Jaipur

Sukhayu is a well-known health centre in Jaipur. It provides treatment for slipped disc disease through Ayurvedic modalities. Well, we take pride of the only medicine centre in Jaipur that treats slipped disc in three defined steps. We not only treat our patients but also provide effective care post treatment.

Our world class physicians can help you determine the type of slipped disc you are suffering from after examining the root causes. We would provide some ayurvedic tablets, capsules and oils in the beginning. This would provide you relaxation from pain and discomfort. Our next step comprises of Panchakarma treatment wherein you will be given therapy and massages based on the problem you have. For example, if you have constant recurring back or neck pain then the severity will be required to concentrate on the Panchakarma cure like Swedana, Sudation or Abhyanga treatment. We use medicated oils that we apply externally or internally for this purpose that helps in strengthening your muscles and rejuvenate it.

Shodana is a special therapy to detoxify your body and is highly recommended initially in the course. You may have to undergo the complete course of about 4 weeks or more depending on the intensity of your problem. Later, our yoga specialist will teach yoga postures that you need to do under our supervision first and later, you need to do these at home.

Our standout therapeutic procedure blended with Panchakarma, Herbal medication, Yoga and Consultation will not only treat your condition. But will also treat your slipped disc problem from root. The chances of recurrence are negligible. Visit Jaipur and book your appointments now at Sukhayu!