Slip Disc Problem After Surgery

You got operated years back or months back for slip disc. It was good or ok for few months or years. And now again you are in problem and your surgeon is asking for the next – second or third surgery…!! You are not alone. There are many like you. Total of 40% patients at Sukhayu are like this. Now you need a ray of hope that treatment of slip disc problem after surgery is possible with Ayurvedic treatment. Where we avoid spinal surgeries for sure!!

In chronic slipped disc condition, patients had to go for surgery. Pain from slipped discs is difficult to stand with and surgery is the quickest option to cure in case of urgency. Moreover, patients feel better after surgical treatment but do the treatment with surgery really heals? Even after the surgery most of the patient remain in problem. This condition is known as Failed Back Surgery Syndrome. We have almost 40% cases- where patient come to us after the surgery. Their first question is treatment of slip disc problem after surgery is possible? Yes we do this at Sukhayu. We did it several times.

Shiv Prasad was operated twice back to back with spinal surgeries with no relief. He lost all hopes. He was not sure that whether his pain, which never stopped even after surgeries- will disappear at any moment of his life. Ayurveda!! Without Surgery?? These were big questions. Where surgeries failed- how can some method like Ayurveda can work? But we didtreatment of slip disc problem after surgery and that too without surgery. Brought back the life for Shiv. This happened because of an approach.

In this article, we will highlight some of the major problems arising after surgical treatments. Surgery relating to the spine is should not be recommended unless the patient tries all the other options and still not recovering. Knowledge of pros and cons of surgeries is a part. We offer treatment of slip disc problem after surgery that means- even you underwent surgery sometime back and now surgeons are asking for next surgery. In this case you won’t need to go for surgery anymore.

Slip Disc Problem After Surgery

The first issue with the slip disc problem after surgery is- Surgeons cut and shut the bulge in disk or herniation part of disc? But what about the cause of problem. This is the basic problem with surgery. Therefore surgery was never and will never be last resort for the problem of slip disc.

In more than 60% patients pain and discomfort of slip disc remains same even after surgery. Therefore after the surgery they start looking for some solutions. Because with allopath surgeons treatment of slip disc problem after surgery is – resurgery only. Besides the surgery, there are several other limitations of the surgery for slip disc.

  1. Spinal fusion surgery for spondylolisthesis and artificial disk replacement are critical operations.Such techniques involves front, back or both side surgeries which is hazardous. It is very important to think about the high-risk involved before going forward with the surgery.
  2. Patients have to-do limitations post surgery for about 2 months or more.
  3. As stated above, there are risks associated with spinal and disc surgeries. If the surgery fails the outcome can be fraught with danger for your life.
  4. Using bone graft in a spinal fusion surgery takes a lot of time to set up. The problem is every fusion doesn’t heal.
  5. Even after recovery, there is no guarantee to relieve the pain and discomfort. It may start again after operation and you may have to go under operation another time.
  6. The flexibility of the backbone drops off and the segments lose their strength by time.
  7. Surgery can improve the current condition of patient but can’t remove the problem from root.
  8. The patient should only select the surgical treatment if he is suffering from unremitting low back suffering.

Treatment of Slip Disc Problem After Surgery

The main problem in treatment of slip disc problem after surgery through Ayurveda is- scars at the level of surgeries. Scar tissues are always hard. When we want to relax the tissues and ligaments around affected disc we need to take extra measures. Thus, we work more extensively in such cases.

We had a deep thought about the core problem of surgical treatments for the herniated disk and came up with the idea of Sukhayu. Our aim to provide best Ayurvedic therapies but in a unique way. We turned up with Panchakarma Ayurvedic Treatment for slipped disc. Our idea was born on the motive to provide not only Panchakarma but also Yoga along with it. We want to cure you completely. Your complete well-being is what we aimed for before starting our clinic.

At Sukhayu, we provide some good non-surgical treatments that can recover you completely without going through surgery.

Ayurvedic Medicines:

Every disease is about Doshas. Same applies on the spinal disc problems. Ayurvedic Dosha controls the slip disc problem too. That is why we work on the doshas and that we do through Ayurvedic medicines. We neither use any painkillers- even Ayurvedic pain killers??? We believe in rectifying the root cause of the problem. So that you can get rid of the problem completely.


Panchakarma is an amalgamation of five steps designed to purify the body and detoxify it. It is a procedure used to remove or withdraw toxins from the human body. Panchakarma treatment methods used at Sukhayu involves  Niruha Basti, Anuvasana Basti, Nasya and Virechana, Kati Basti, Greeva Basti, Pottali, Pizhichil, and Lepam.


Yoga treatment prioritises on strengthening core spinal muscles for others but for us, it is more about bringing the natural shape of the spine intact. Because the main cause what they left behind in case of spinal surgery is- loss of lordosis or straightening of spine. Our Yoga experts work on your postures and shape – curve of the spine through Yoga. When once we achieve the complete relaxation of the muscles through Panchakarma Procedures.

If you want to avoid second and third surgery. Then Sukhayu is the best place for you. We offer treatment  of slip disc problem even after surgery. We need your MRI reports – before and after the surgery along with your discharge summary of the surgery. So that we will study your case and will guide you for the best of treatment.