If lower back pain isn’t treated well this can end up with chronic lower back pain syndrome.  And chronic lower back pain is really a burden to deal with. It’s not just the lower back that hurts, but also other parts of the body may start hurting because of lower back pain.  

The spine gives support to the entire body structure. The lower part of our spine consists of 5 vertebrae that articulate together into one bone, called the sacrum or pelvis. 

In older adults, lower back degeneration takes place more frequently as compared to any period before and hence lower back pain in older adults has become a common health problem.  Lower back pain in older adults is also famous for the lower lumbar syndrome.  The lower back has a curve, called the lower spine or lumbar curve- the lordotic curvature.  

In old age, this lower back degeneration takes place. Where the disc between two vertebrae face wear and tear of age. And this results in a disc bulge or herniation (herniated discs). The bones start losing their mass and hence bones start becoming fragile.  

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Low backache: Why it is so common

For every activity we do, weight-bearing activities in particular like walking, lifting, etc. We pull down pressure on the lower back which makes it prone to injuries. As people grow older they begin to lose bone mass and hence lower back gets fragile.  And low back starts feeling the lower backache in older adults as it can’t handle the pressure, weight-bearing activities, or body movements very well.  Besides lower back degeneration lower spine can lead to compression injuries i.e., from sitting for long hours at work, driving, etc.

Although the lower lumbar syndrome is not a serious condition. But it can cause considerable discomfort like lower back pain in older adults. This can become chronic if not cured properly.  It is advisable to consult your doctor immediately. If you feel lower lumbar pain more than few times after any lower back injury.  

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Lower Back Pain Remedies: Ayurvedic lower backache treatment

For lower back pain relief in older adults, Ayurveda is the most effective cure for the lower lumbar syndrome.  Ayurvedic lower back pain remedies and lower backache exercises are based on different causes of lower lumbar syndrome. 

All these lower back pain treatments aim at increasing blood circulation to tissues surrounding the lower spine. This helps lower back pain relief.  The following ayurvedic treatments for lower back pain can help decrease lower backache or lower back pain in older adults. Because these methods promote better tissue healing with improved blood circulation.

1) Medicated Oil Massage: Lower Back Ache Relief  

Applying oil on the back and leaving it on the back might seem a very simple thing. But it proves to be magical with back pain.

Take a warm medicated oil like Brahmi oil or any other lower back pain remedy for lower back ache and massage the lower spine in a clockwise circular motion with gentle pressure.  Use of lower back ache gel is also helpful during massaging lumbar muscles.  This ayurvedic lower back massage helps in improving circulation to the lower lumbar region and thus lower back ache relief.  

Ayurveda for Herniated disc

2) Mud Therapy: Natural Lower Back Pain Relief  

Another effective natural cure for lower backache is ayurvedic mud therapy which increases blood flow to the spine, thereby lowering backache caused due to poor circulation.  A lower back pain relief mud pack can be prepared at home.

By mixing dried herbs like neem, turmeric powder, and fullers earth as per the instructions of an experienced ayurvedic doctor.  This “lower back pain relief pack” is then applied over the lower spine with a cloth covering the lower back for about 30 minutes. 

After this lower lumbar ache treatment, the next thing would be to take a warm shower.  Take care not to have lower back pain herbal bath or lower back heat therapy along with mud packs to avoid burning or itching sensation.  

3) Yoga: Ayurvedic Back Ache Relief Exercises

Before we talk about yoga. Don’t follow what others are doing on youtube in name of Yoga. Go to a proper Yoga teacher for this. Because Yoga can be similarly dangerous for your spine as much beneficial it can be.

However, yoga has proven better than any other lower back ache relief routine. And is a good option for lower back pain treatment.  Common lower back pain relief exercises include sitting forward bend, cat pose (marjariasana), and child pose (bananashasana).

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However, (once again) these exercises should be done under the supervision of an experienced instructor to avoid aggravating lower lumbar syndrome.  

4) Ayurvedic Spinal Manipulation: Natural Lower Back Pain Relief  

Ayurveda also suggests spinal manipulation which can help improve blood circulation to the lower spine thereby reducing lower back pain.  Few people may need lower back pain treatment for lower back pain relief but some individuals may have to visit the ayurvedic doctor few times to understand lower back ache causes. 

Generally, many patients burn their skins and lead to jerks while doing so. Which is not a good option. Therefore you should talk to an expert about this. An expert with 20 years experience Sukhayu is the place.

How doe Ayurveda helps in Disc pain relief

Lower Back Pain Relief: Ayurveda and Lower Lumbar Syndrome

While the suggested natural treatments for lower backache (lower back ache relief) will help you alleviate lower lumbar syndrome, ayurvedic medicines like Brahmi Ghrita capsule, Triphala Ghrta capsules, etc. are also helpful in preventing recurrence of lower backache.  In addition, lower back ache relief exercises and yoga postures will lower lumbar pain or lower back ache forever.

Permanent results come through regular efforts. For a permanent cure of lower back pain, you always need to work regularly on your lower back. When you want to get rid of the pain, you need to be regular with certain things.

Also, lower lumbar injury rehab should not be avoided even if lower back ache is under control to ensure lower spine health and lower back strengthening exercises.

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