Lepam is a therapy in Panchakarma where a broad herbal paste is spread on the affected area of the body and allowed to dry. After it gets dry, it is removed using warm milk. The paste is the combination of herbal powder and a medium to make a thick paste depending on the condition of the patient. This technique leaves your skin and muscles relaxed. This therapy is great in inflammation, arthritis and skin diseases.

Lepam is recommended to patients suffering from pain, inflammation, tingling and skin diseases. This therapy energises the healing abilities of the body by boosting blood circulation, nourishing skin, and relieving pain.

Procedure of Lepam

Lepam therapy is done in two ways: Facial (mukhalepam) and body (shariralepam).

In mukhalepam therapy, a detailed treatment is given to face, neck and head. A mix of herbs along with medicated oils and churna is combined to a thick paste. This therapy alleviates stress in the face by working on the vital areas of the body by applying herbal skin paste (lepam).

Additionally, for the shariralepam therapy, initially deep oil massage is given on the body especially to the spine, lower back, shoulders, etc. This activates the energy channels of the body. Later, blend of herbal and medicated oil, dried herbs, etc. This is made to a lepa and applied to the body. The banana leaves are wrapped over the lepa to maintain warmth. Finally, the lepa is removed using milk leaving nourishing and rejuvenated skin.

Lepam, the panchakarma treatment method is a powerful skincare therapy in Ayurveda. The therapy last for 30 to 45 minutes whilst building the healing impression to the skin. The complete treatment though depends on the condition of the patient.

Benefits of Lepam Therapy

  1. It relaxes the mind and the body.
  2. It promotes better sleep.
  3. It nourishes the body.
  4. Acts as a scrubber to the skin and removes dead skin.
  5. It improves skin condition and opens clogged pores.
  6. It treats psoriasis.
  7. Removes pimples and dark pigmentations.
  8. A good therapy for vitiligo.
  9. It heals injuries.
  10. Helps in arthritis and joint pains.
  11. Helps in muscle stiffness and back pain.
  12. Nourishes the tissues of the body.


There are no such warnings for a lepam therapy. Yet, children should avoid this and people suffering from fever and acute pain should avoid this treatment.

Our treatment of Panchakarma includes lepam therapy too. You can always come to our office in Jaipur for free consultation or treatment. Lepam is a beneficial method to treat some major skin and inner problems including arthritis.