Best Ayurveda Treatment for Slipped Disc

Spinal surgery is on boom because of the slipped disc. Is surgery necessary or not they never think about this. Their main concern is to operate. What are consequences of spinal surgery- nobody gives it a thought. This is the moment when everybody starts looking for ayurveda treatment of slipped disc. Now question arises what is the criteria for the best ayurveda treatment for slipped disc?

Because in name of Ayurveda and Desi medicines, people keep on pulling and pushing the human body. They call it Neurotherapy or Marma Therapy or something. These impractical and untrained ways can be harmful for anybody in case of spinal problems. Thus a patient remains confused that what is best ayurveda treatment for slipped disc?

What is A Slipped Disc

A slip disc, commonly known as herniated disc or ruptured disc. This is a condition occurs because of wear and tear in the outer layer. The fibrous ring of an intervertebral disc that leads to bulging out of the nucleus pulposus, the inner core of the disc. The outer layer is like a pillow that acts as a safeguard for our spine. They keep the spine stay erect.

The condition can be matched up to a sandwich. For instance, if you blow up a tiny balloon and place it between two slices of bread. Once you compress the slices of bread with each other, you will find that the balloon will hold out against the squeeze and expand out of the side of the sandwich. Your spinal disc performs in absolutely the same manner, only that the disc’s wall is thick and has a pulpy core instead of air. Now, if you press down the sandwich at just one end, the balloon would increase in size at the other end of the sandwich. If this position is held for prolonged time, the balloon will develop into completely pulled at one end.

Risky Impractical Spinal Surgeries

There are surgical treatment options for long time pain and suffering but surgery brings risk along with it. Now when we look at the same example of the sandwich and balloon. If balloon is protruding, what will you prefer. Cutting down the balloon? This cannot be a solution. The best solution is to ensure the kind of pressure we are exerting on the balloon. Because cause of the problem is just- pressure on the balloon.

Now they cut and remove balloon (the protruded disc) what about the remnants of the disc?

If we remove the disc from one part- what about the sandwiches above and below?

These are the two reasons which drag us to surgery after surgery in case of the spinal disc problems. This might be with cervical, lumbar or thoracic spine- story remains same.

It never means that WE ARE AGAINST SURGERIES.. we too REFER THE PATIENT FOR SURGERY when there is some requirement of the same. This makes Sukhayu Ayurved, different and place for best ayurveda treatment for slipped disc- our honesty!!

Best Ayurveda Treatment for Slipped Disc

Ayurveda treatment is most widely used in the treatment of slipped disc. Ayurveda is the oldest and holistic approach. Panchakarma is being adopted by many as this is a certain cure for herniated disc problem. What makes us a place for best ayurveda treatment for slipped disc….

Scientific Approach Based Treatment

Some people do just blood letting, some use cupping, some other hold the patients from two ends and stretch them to hell. But when you want to ask what is the logic and science behind this- they start saying this or that and ends up with no explanation. You visit once to Sukhayu and you will be given perfect answers for everything.

This is the scientific approach towards the treatment and spine, which makes Sukhayu the best ayurveda hospital for slipped disc problems.

Well Trained: Well Educated Team

As we know, in name of every ancient science there is one bog problem and this is- quackery. Traditional sciences like Ayurveda are the sufferers for this. Everybody starts claiming that he/she is the best person to understand the science. Just by reading a book or two. They just start writing degrees like MD (Acupressure) or MD (Acupuncture). The degrees which doesn’t exist.

We have completely trained and well educated team with us. We have MD (Ayurveda) doctors. Our Yoga Guru is well trained and all the therapists have earned degrees for Ayurveda Nursing. These all efforts are for providing the best ayurveda treatment for slipped disc.

Best in Class Medicines

Without best medicines, no treatment can be best! The level of adulteration in Ayurvedic medicines is well known. Therefore at Sukhayu we prepare our medicines by ourselves. Our Vaidyas do this by themselves. And the medicines we procure from market- we select on quality basis not on other basis.

So in case you are suffering with slip disc in any part of the spine and you are right now- you can be very sure that Sukhayu can give you the best ayurveda treatment for slipped disc.

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