Back Pain and Disc Problem

Backs are stabbed by the postural deformities and irregular lifestyle. In our hectic lifestyle we come across many wrong postures everyday which are hampering our back and lifestyle in day to day life and this is causing back pains to all of us. The relation between back pain and disc problem is deep. When you have back pain, it is not important that you should have disc problem. But same back pain can lead to disc problem at any time. You should never avoid the back pain.

These might be the luxurious couches or the uncomfortable chairs in office or just a simple foot-slip in bathroom, anything can cause this kind of distress or pain. Generally all back pains start very mildly and these keep on aggravating with the time and start causing different problems in life. If we look at the data from the different pharmacies, pain killers are most commonly sold for back pain. We all keep on taking these painkillers to relieve from the pain, but we never understand and believe that these are some solution.

To better understand the relation between back pain and disc problem. We need to understand the condition in a better way. Once we have back pain it is a wake up call for us. So that back pain won’t progress to any disc problems.

Understanding Relation between Back pain and Disc problem

At Sukhayu Ayurveda we are treating all kind of back pains since years and we have found that there are several interesting reasons and causes behind the back pain. In some cases we all fee that …ohh!! this cannot be the cause of the back pain! Here is the list of the reasons-

  • You comfortable Sofa or chair, on which you slouch daily: this deforms your back muscles and also makes you a patient of spondylosis.
  • Your habits of walking very fast- chances of injury are very high in such cases.
  • Heavy intake of dry foods in other language lack of proper unctousness which can maintain the smoothness of your muscles and keep the rigidity away from you.
  • Bad digestion and excess of intestinal gases in your body.
  • A heavy sneeze, which you supressed because you were sitting somewhere in a meeting?
  • A wrong way to pick the weight.
  • Postural irregularities during pregnancy
  • hostory of injury or accident

These are most common causes we have found in different patients but in almost all the cases we have found that this is the stiffness of the back muscles, which caused the problem. To give an add on many of the patients, just get into bed on recommendation of some physicians and this Bed-Rest proved BAD for most of them, because it increased the stiffness of the back over all.

When these causative factors of back pain keeps there for years and years and we keep on overlooking these. This leads to the problems of the spinal disc. This is the deepest relation between in back pain and disc problem.

How Back Pain Causes Disc Problems

Regular use of painkillers might give us a pleasant feeling of- “absence of pain” for a while but the same pain killer keep on worsening the health regularly and after years we feel- cheated, because we used the painkillers to just get rid of a sensation. When we keep on reducing the sensation of back pain, the same back pain leads to different disc problems.

Back pain is the first indication towards- there is something not right in the back or neck. When we keep on overlooking the indication from the body. Things keep on deteriorating. The same back pain leads to spinal problems. Back pain and disc problems are much closer in this sense.