Ayurvedic Treatment for Spondylitis

Ayurvedic Treatment for Spondylitis is promising as well as yields better results. Because Ayurveda is all about the process of ageing and lifestyle disorders- what exactly is Spondylitis. At Sukhayu we provide not only better treatment for spondylitis we too have tools like- Ayurvedic Diet, Panchakarma, Yoga Asanas which can ensure the proper treatment of the spondylitis.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Spondylitis

Doshas are at core of every treatment. Whether it is spinal disc problems or spondylitis. We do the treatment as per approach of the three doshas. Doshas are dual in nature. These are responsible for the physiology as well as the pathology. Basically, physiology and pathology are one and same thing- two sides of a coin. When physiology disturbs it turns in to pathology. Same does Doshas. When doshas are in healthy state- they work for physiology. Moment these aggravate that becomes pathology. Thus all the efforts we put for the treatment- these head towards balancing the Doshas. Here is the role of the Doshas in case of spondylitis. Because this is the way we can understand Ayurvedic Treatment for Spondylitis in a better way.

Balancing Vata for Ayurvedic treatment for spondylitis

Vata dosha is the main causative factor for spondylitis. Yet not alone. When Vata disturbs it increases the dryness in the body. The binding of calcium weakens and it decays. This decay causes osteophytes. So it is about the balance of the Vata to keep the calcium intact with the bones.

Balancing Pitta for Ayurvedic Treatment for spondylitis

Inflammatory responses don’t appear without involvement of the Pitta. If this is all about the inflammatory changes than it is never advisable to do the treatment of Vata Dosha. Because these two doshas are just 360 degree opposite to each other. This is the most common mistake what Ayurvedic physician makes and you don’t get the proper results in the treatment.

Balancing Kapha for Ayurvedic Treatment for spondylitis

Not involved many cases. But when there is obesity and the nutrition to the body doesn’t reach properly- that occurs because of the involvement of the Kapha dosha in the pathological process. In such case stiffness in profound in the spine.

So in nutshell-

  • When Vata is involved- there will be excessive osteophytes with vertebrae.
  • Pitta brings the inflammatory response in the spine
  • Kapha causes stiffness and lack of flexibility in the spine.

This helps in diagnosing the condition well. In most of the cases there is an involvement of two doshas and that too in a different proportion. So this is the diagnosis of the problem and involvement of the dosha- which we access through pulse too. This helps in providing the best Ayurvedic Treatment for spondylitis at Sukhayu Ayurveda.

Best Ayurvedic Treatment for spondylitis at Sukhayu

Once we know the involvement of the Doshas in a condition, we further drill down the involvement of the gunas from Doshas. Because every doshas has its own set of Gunas (Properties) which help us to decide the planning of the best  Ayurvedic Treatment for spondylitis.

For Vata Dosha Aggravation:

We go for Basti. Deeper oleation of the body and control the aggravated guna through this.

For Pitta Dosha Aggravation:

Selection of medicines is on a cooler side. Where we can pacify the Pitta dosha without aggravation of the Vata at the same time,

For Kapha Dosha Aggravation:

We need to scrap out the excess of the Kapha Dosha in this condition.

We don’t have a particular plan for the Ayurvedic Treatment for spondylitis which can suit everybody. The treatment is planned according to requirement of a patient. Thus we require you in OPD so that we can make a proper diagnosis of the problem.